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Right from the time people came to know of Michael Phelps’ super diet during the London Olympics in 2012; there has been a lot of intrigue among cricket fans about the sort of diet the leading cricketers go for in order to go about their duties in the best possible way. Let’s take a look then at the dietary habits of some of the leading crickets in the world.  

Virat Kohli is perhaps the fittest players in the planet at the moment that allows him to play one marathon innings after another for India and also makes him one of the best fielders in the Indian team. Nowadays he is on a diet of lamb, fish and salads, which provides him with the required amount of protein without adding to the flab that he might have to shed in the gym.

virat kohli cricketer diet Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

During tours he thrives on a diet of lamb chops, pink salmon and does not drink anything other than Evian (500 INR per 1.5 litre bottle) when it comes to water. It is not wonder that the Delhi boy comes across as one of the fittest cricketers in the world.  

Guilty Pleasure: – Chocolate Brownie  

Rohit Sharma  

A few seasons back Rohit Sharma looked to have put on a lot of weight and considering his lean frame when he started off he looked almost bloated. However, after he was dropped from the team due to poor form and fitness issues, Rohit worked on his fitness vigorously.

Rohit Sharma Before After  Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

rohit sharma diet fitness Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

According to his team mates in the Mumbai side, he ate only boiled eggs at certain intervals for close to a fortnight in order to lose the extra flab and once that was achieved; he decided to work on his body. Nowadays, he is on a low carb, high protein diet that has been designed by a leading fitness coach. 

Guilty Pleasure- Aloo Parantha  

Shane Watson 

The Australian all round star who turns out for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL has always been a candidate for knee injuries as well as stress related layoffs, however he has not looked back since going on a diet that is completely devoid of carbs and fat.

sexy shane watson Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

He usually gorges on whole grain food products and lots of fruits, that provide him with the energy. Protein shakes and energy drinks are part for the course as well. 

Guilty Pleasure: – Pineapple pizza 

Yuvraj Singh 

Yuvraj was never the health conscious eater like the rest of the elite cricketers but after his recovery from cancer he realised that he must take care of his diet in order to prolong his career.

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh judges Ponds Femina Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

After returning from the US, the dieticians have planned an extremely balanced but healthy diet for him that mainly a lot of cereals as well as fruits for breakfast and throughout the rest of the day he consumes eggs, chicken or milk at different points. He indulges very rarely these days. 

Guilty Pleasure- Kadhi-Chawal, Matar Paneer 

England Cricket Team 

The England cricket team is probably the only team in the world which has a support staff which is bigger than the team and during last year’s Ashes series in Australia their diet plan designed by the diet expert was splashed across newspapers.

england cricket team Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

The diet chard was not like anything people had seen earlier and the specifications incuded such Moroccan spiced chicken fillets to chocolate and coconut truffles. The food plan was handed over to the caterers at the different Test venues so that the players could be served accordingly. You can have a look at the entire diet chart here. 

No Guilty Pleasure allowed 

Dale Steyn 

The South African speed merchant who is renowned for his fitness survives on a regular diet of brown rice, chicken, fishes likes tuna as well as the mandatory protein shakes, juices and energy drinks. In addition to that, he rarely drinks which makes sure that he is always at peak physical condition at the start of an international cricket game.  

DALE STEYN Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

Guilty Pleasure: – Steak 

M S Dhoni 

When the Indian captain first came on to the scene there were wild rumours in the newspapers and tabloids that he used to drink 5 litres of milk a day, as a result he could hit the ball with such force. However, he never actually drank such amounts of milk at any time in his life. 

DHONI Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

Dhoni’s dietary habits are nothing over the top as he eats a light lunch of chapattis along with a serving of lentils or chicken and for breakfast it is usually porridge, cereals as well as assorted nuts and fruit juices. Energy drinks are however a big part of his daily diet in order to make sure that he is always ready for a little bit extra during training sessions. 

Guilty Pleasure: – Butter Chicken- can eat almost any time. 

Stuart Broad 

The England cricket team might have its own diet experts but when it comes to his daily diet, ace England fast bowler Stuart Broad takes no prisoners. Broad orders his breakfast, lunch and dinner from custom made meal delivery service Soulmate Food in the UK in order to make sure that he is eating right.

stuart broad Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

stuart board 2 Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

He usually eats stuff like cinnamon spiced nuts, mango, passion fruit and babaganoush for breakfast while thai vegetable curry, tex mex kale dip and beef bourgingon is his staple diet for lunch or dinner.  

Guilty Pleasure: – The English Fry Up or better known as the full English breakfast

Faf du Plessis 

The South African T20 captain, who plays for the Proteas in all three formats of the game, is known for his outstanding fielding and also for his stamina when it comes to playing ridiculously long Test innings when the team needs a draw.

faf du plessis Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

However, he needs to eat right in order to stay fit and usually his daily diet consists of a breakfast of oatmeal, milk and honey while for lunch or dinner he usually goes for salmon or chicken. It is a diet which is low on fats and helps him get his fill without affecting his weight.   

Guilty Pleasure: – Unknown but he is known to be a great cook.  

Chris Gayle 

The West Indian powerhouse is renowned all across the world as a batsman who can decimate any bowling attack on his day with his devastating power hitting and in order to keep going he needs to eat right and train correctly. Gayle usually eats a healthy breakfast consisting of fruits and salads during the season, but one thing that he does not miss out under any circumstance is pasta that consumes twice a day.  

chris gayle Diet Patterns of Top Cricketers

Guilty Pleasure: – Caribbean cuisine  

 By: Soham Samaddar

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