The ugly truth is that media tried to distort the original message Modi’s Digital India intended to spread out. Know the real transparency of Digital India!

If you were remotely online during the last few days, you would have seen the overwhelming debate about Digital India. Modi pitched like a pro to the Silicon Valley Enterprises, something in a scale which no other politician in India can pull off, inarguably.

What Digital India has in for us? Everything, from Internet Access to Public Wifi to Single Window Clearances to Online Document Processes. In short, it aims to leverage technology to make out lives simpler and purge the avenues of corruption at a massive scale. If you haven’t experienced, check out Digilocker, a part of Digital India initiative and yes, it can make your life a lot convenient.

poster e gov Digital India   How Media Has Screwed Your Opinion

Coming to my purpose, Media has literally screwed our opinion, exploiting all the means possible. Let me start with Zuckerberg, this guy’s initiative aims to provide internet connectivity at the places. However, the opportunity cost of this is that personal data may be collected which is invariably done when you are reading this post or accessing something on your Android Mobile when google captures your location timestamps and usage stats. Try Switching off GPS in a pure android phone, none of your apps will work properly. Nobody creates a fuss because privacy is marginalized for convenience and people always fall for it.

panel on net neutrality Digital India   How Media Has Screwed Your Opinion

The second part, Does changing my Profile Picture to support Digital India mean I am opposing Net Neutrality ? Hell No. This was propagated by a serially attention deprived individual (analogous to serial entrepreneur) named Mahesh Murthy who came up with BS reasoning and quickly caught the fancy of another breed of wannabe content writers (journos sans credibility) and heavily propagated on sites like StoryPick, Buzzfeed and ScoopWhoop.

The moment you are “PAYING” for your internet connection, maybe for your Mobile Data or a Broadband connection, you are out of this. The Net Neutrality debate that erupted in the first quarter of the year was essentially regarding Free Facebook access on Reliance Mobile and using some apps without paying data charges on an Airtel Connection which seemed to give them an unfair advantage over others and the Govt. has concluded that such preferential treatment is not permitted. This ends the debate here. However, the ever attention craving manipulative Indian media has linked up the Digital India initiative to to Net Neutrality. Just Brilliant ! 
Remember, Digital India and are two mutually exclusive things and may be unfair on the part of net neutrality but that is the opportunity cost, not to be confused with the purpose.  Digital India   How Media Has Screwed Your Opinion

Nobody can force you to use or compromise on your security and you will be a part of it only if you want to. Look at this scenario, a person not having any means to internet is getting a chance to use it, albeit not as secure as you and me are using. He gets something which is better than nothing. Also, majority of people who are making a fuss out of this are themselves a part of this nexus when accessing facebook or using an android phone.
Simply, You are in a position to bargain for net neutrality when you pay for it, not as a freeloader asking for privacy along with free internet. The funniest part of this, people are searching on google and to post about the purported misdeeds of these very two companies. Much Hypocrisy.

After they saw this fizzling out and to catalyze their TRP’s, Media came up with another set of brilliant manipulations:

Modi pulling Zuckerberg for a photo

modi zuckerberg Digital India   How Media Has Screwed Your Opinion
– Satya Nadella rubbing his hands after meeting Modi. Seriously? I mean when did rubbing hands after meeting someone become offensive. Yes, Indian Media can apparently make it.
— The best one, wait for it! This is reserved for a special retarded category of YS Rajasekhar Reddy followers and Sakshi Media who found a novel way to link up Digital India to Farmer Suicide.

paid media Digital India   How Media Has Screwed Your Opinion

It’s time that Govt. media censor whip be extended to these “Content Writing Listicles” posing as media houses for misshaping public opinion. Go on, doesn’t matter if you change your DP or not, it’s immaterial as long as you don’t propagate manipulative media dogmas ! If you’ve still got time after reading this, be a part of paperless governance by using DigiLocker !

By Vivek Raj

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