If Digvijay Singh takes on Narendra Modi in Varanasi – that would make for an epic fight as they have a long standing score to settle.

If Digvijay Singh takes on Narendra Modi in Varanasi – that would make for an epic fight.

Digvijay Singh Congress Digvijay Singh vs Narendra Modi In Varanasi

Epic not because they are matched as candidates, but epic as they have a long standing score to settle.

Of course, looking at this Videos it does appear to be he case that Digvijay Singh has acted in a very irresponsible manner. At every excuse he brings out the Communal card. It almost becomes evident here that he is intent on communalizing every issue and appeal to the minority vote bank.

In the above Video – he brings out the question of Narendra Modi’s wife – Now who does that ? Does anyone ask Rahul Gandhi – Why he is not married ? It is one of the directive principles of India that the personal life should not be intruded into – but Digvijay does not lose any chance and behaves in this uncouth manner.

He called most of Modi’s twitter followers as fake (farzi). Probably here he was perturbed by the fact (as he says) that Modi surpassed Tharoor in the number of twitter followers. Of course , I wonder if Digvijay would backtrack his comments (on Tharoor’s love and “sensitivity”) given the development in the Sunanda (RIP)-Tharoor saga ? But then for me to pursue this line would be to stoop down to the levels of Digvijay.

Digvijay also understands Dynasty very well (he is part of the problem), his own son has been recruited to be a part of the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha – curious what his qualifications are ? He has got a Masters in public administration from the US and plans to apply the same model to villages in Madhya Pradesh ? Big Talk indeed ! But then I think he has made the right career choice – more (black) money can be paid being a politician than being a professional.

Anyways, if there is a Digvijay Vs Narenadra Modi fight in Varanasi, I am sure Digvijay would lose no chance in playing up the communal card. In fact, the Congress would probably want a riot at this stage – so close to elections so they can use the Communal card to the full, re-gain the minority votes (which has gravitated towards the AAP and the regional parties) , and confuse the average voter.

By Indrajit Chatterjee

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Image Source: IANS

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