Let us remember that without social justice,no country can thrive. A revolution needs to be created by the government itself. How is it actually possible?

Rohith Vemula,a Dalit doctoral student commits suicide due to discrimination on caste grounds by a Central University administration.Three girl students in a medical college in Tamil Nadu commit suicide ,after exhausting all Government avenues of grievance re-dressal.They have approached every authority,even threatened to drink rat poison in front of the District Collector but nothing worked.

justice for rohit vemula Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

We are not sure whether the ‘suicides committed’ could solve their problem,but that obviously was their last resort. In New Delhi ,apart from dearth of clean air to breathe,garbage pile is mounting and the cleaning staff is refusing to work for a legitimate reason that their salary was not paid for months ! On the link language issue, Central Government is bulldozing the views and feelings of about 90 crore majority Indians and promoting Hindi ruthlessly.Now it has decided to make Sanskrit,a dead language as compulsory in CBSE Schools, much against the feelings of almost every Indian .Every where in India ,there seems to be a visible ‘lack of governance’ in all areas of governance.

A kind of anarchy is ruling every where.Union HRD Minister lies in the Parliament House itself.On one side there are thousands of vacancies waiting for years and on the other side thousands of eligible job-seekers waiting for decades.Something seems to prevent things happening the way it should in India ,in all spheres of life.A nation stuck up in basics like air for breathing,hospitals for basic health care and toilets for excretion, is sending merrily rockets into space ! Do all these certify to the fitness of Indian Government to govern their people ?People in Government may seem to change but the ruling spirit seems to remain the same.

The spirit of division,discrimination,domination,insensitivity to common man’s concerns,injustice,unfairness etc. seems to attribute to that great ruling spirit.How do we get out of the rut ?

Eligibility Conditions For A Fit Indian Administrator.

India is a country of vast cultural diversity and values.So a fit Governor of India should be a person who respects the cultural diversity and the values of the various peoples of India .He should know the ins and outs of the nation from deep south to the Himalayas on one side and the Eastern and Western borders as well .Unfortunately the Indian caste system impacts the mindset of every Indian to such an extent that he excludes all castes ,other than his own caste from the arena of his thinking process .In fact the caste system makes each caste an enemy of other castes practically.Even the law-makers of India hardly know any thing about the Constitution, leave alone knowing about the cultural diversity of India.Even the Prime Minister of India is bound to be a regional politician ,lacking a broad national perspective.

The Indian Caste System Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

A micro-experiment and my experience

As a person who worked in the Human Resources Department of the largest commercial bank with 800 branches spread over three southern states of India ,namely Tamil Nadu ,Karnataka ,and Kerala ,I had ample opportunity to look into the mind set of Human Resource Manager, called to manage three different states .In a way a ‘little India’.

My observations in this regard are quite deep and interesting as well.

Whenever a Brahmin is posted as a Personnel Manager ,the data of appointments made during his tenure ,revealed a huge favoritism towards Brahmins who made as high as 89-95% of the new appointments.There were allegations, that question papers were selectively leaked to Brahmin candidates appearing for selection tests.As the emerging position was objected to by the non-Brahmin controlled staff union,it led to a demand that only non-Brahmins should be appointed as Personnel Manager,to ensure equitable appointments .

Hindu Caste System Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

When a Tamil Non-Brahmin, say a Mudaliar was appointed as Personnel Manager ,the data revealed that a good number of Mudaliars found their way into the Bank,followed closely by Pillais and other allied forward castes and no Backward or Scheduled Castes could breach the barrier.

So appointment of a non-Brahmin did not solve the problem of discrimination.

The top management tried appointing a backward class Tamil as a Personnel Manager.The data analysis revealed that the backward class Personnel Manager did not assert his authority ,as he was inherently submissive to Brahmins and forward castes.Though there was reservation for SC/STs there was no appointments made to represent these communities,though good number of eligible candidates was available for appointments.

The top management having exhausted other ways,tried a novel way out .They appointed a Non-Brahmin Malayalee as the Personnel Manager and wonders followed .Since he was not averse to Tamil SC/STs he freely appointed them without fear or favour ,for their allotted slots.The data analysis revealed a fair percentage of representation of all people including Malayalees and Kannadigas in the appointments made.

The lesson I learnt from this micro experiment is that if you want fairness and justice in administration,choose a Boss who does not belong to the region of the prejudices!

The conclusion I have arrived at, is well supported by many cases of ‘outsiders’ being able to handle local issues with fairness and justice.During the British rule,a dispute arose between two sects of Tamil Brahmins, on caste-marking the fore-head of the Kanchipuram temple elephant.One sect insisted that their mark’U’ should be put on the elephant’s fore-head and the other fought for their mark ’V’ .The British judge could not understand the case, like me and he ruled that the mark of ‘V’and ‘U’ shall be put alternately every week,thus satisfying both groups !

Way back in the eighties, in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu ,large scale land grabbing by local dons was a problem, that could not be solved by any of the successive District Collectors.Political and caste pressures prevented these administrators from taking a firm stand against the powerful dons and reclaim the grabbed land.Then came one north Indian IAS officer,Mr.Gurnihal Singh ,posted as the District Collector.He made an initial survey of the lost land and was determined to reclaim around 100 acres of prime Government land from the land-grabbers !The land was in the prime area commanding crores of market value.He swung into action immediately.He would issue a notice,visit the spot with his team of ‘demolition men’ along with a bulldozer ,demolish the encroachment building and charge them the expenses incurred as well!

The local caste dons were shattered and could not stand against the undiluted royal might of this ‘demolition man’! He successfully reclaimed more than 100 acres of grabbed land ,before he got transferred by political interests.The City Bus Stand that stands today as a testimony to his will,was constructed on the reclaimed land.Even today Tirunelveli citizens keep talking about his guts in removing encroachments against all odds.

So if you want fairness and justice in administration,better choose a Boss who does not belong to the place!

But ,how do you get rid of Caste mind-set of Administrator ?

People may come ,people may go;but the spirit of caste remains and rules India.Is it possible to get rid of this spirit in our decisions ?

Caste System Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

During the seventies ,there were limited number of hospitals in India to take care of the health care needs of Indians.Christian Missionary Hospitals served all the people .Catharine Booth Hospital in Nagercoil ,Tamil Nadu was one such hospital run by mostly British doctors on Indian assignment.Once a dalit woman gave birth to a baby while she was working in a paddy field nearby.There was a medical emergency as she developed some complications,lost blood and needed blood infusion urgently.Local people would not give blood as the woman was an ‘untouchable’and believed that after all it’s her fate to die.A British Lady Doctor working in this hospital heard the news ,rushed to the spot,got her shifted to emergency and gave her own blood(same group,fortunately) and saved the woman much against the wishes of the local people.

Compare this incident with what happened in Mayiladuthurai,Tamil Nadu recently when a 80 year old ‘dalit’ man died.His body had to be taken to the cemetery through the common streets.Upper caste people objected to this and the Police ,instead of supporting dalits’ reasonable request ,joined the upper castes and prevented the procession for burial of the dead body !This happened despite a High Court order prevailing in favour of the dalits.Now why did the Police join the oppression?Because,they are part of the same ’caste mindset’ that does not allow justice for the lower castes.Here even Court orders are also not implemented, if it favours ‘low castes’ !

crimes against dalits Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

Imagine the same situation being handled by the Singapore or Russian Police on an outsourced duty here .They would have ensured that the dead body got the passage and the dignity that is due to a dead senior citizen.They respect a dead body so much,that the erstwhile French Governors ruling Pondicherry territory,used to get down from their royal cars and salute the Indian dead bodies on procession! So it makes a world of difference between a Caste Indian and non-Caste foreigner handling any situation in India where caste people are involved.The reason is every Indian is practically programmed to act and react to any given situation based on his and the other person’s caste.Even a High Court Justice C S Karnan ,a Justice of Madras High Court has alleged discrimination meted out to him as he belongs to Dalit community.If a High Court judge feels so insecure and wants to leave this casteist country to a caste-less country,what does it point to ?

Government Aware Of The Bias.

Not that the Government is not aware of this bias.The Government of India does recognize this bias against SC/ST on the part of the Government officials.To mitigate this bias in the appraisal form for promotions,the Government of India has incorporated one column where the official to be promoted is assessed on his attitude towards the SC/ST people.However,since the assessment itself is done by anti-SC/ST officials,they rate every one as ‘excellent’ in their attitude towards SC/ST! So the purpose of the clause is defeated ab-initio by the over-powering caste mindset of the implementing officials.

Why Not NRI’s/PIO’s For Key Posts?

So the best ruler fit to rule India should be

· Caste/Sect free

· Culture bias free (Indian prejudices,ideas and traditions free)

· Egalitarian

· Rational

· Speaking truth(Mean what they speak)

· Able to differentiate between good and bad

How to bring change in indian caste system Is Self Government Essentially Good Government?

A robot programmed to carry out all the fore-going requirements could turn out to be an able administrator for India.But that’s a tall order indeed.Till then we can consider outsourcing key‘Judiciary ‘ functions in India from the list of distinguished NRI Indians abroad.British or American Judges of Indian origin or selected foreigners may also be considered for appointment as Judges in High Courts and later Supreme Court on a trial basis.They surely would not not suffer from any of the casteist prejudice/values and are bound to render justice free from fear or favour. As Judiciary is the final resort for every citizen seeking justice,the presence of caste-neutral Judges should go a long way in helping India to be a just and peaceful country.Similarly Speakers in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies also may be outsourced from UK the country that introduced Parliamentary Democracy to India.

Here is the list of my suggestions for initial short-listing :

1. Ms.Bobbie Cheema-Grubb Judge High Court UK -Sikh
2. Mr.Sri Srinivasan Judge Washington DC – Tamil
3. Mr.Anand Satyanand Gov General New Zealand – Indian
4. Ms.Raja Rajeswary Judge New York — Indian

This experiment might sound revolutionary but would surely put India on a growth trajectory ,as it would ensure equitable distribution of resources and justice as well.Why not try it out on a trial basis?And let us remember that without social justice,no country can thrive.

By The Anonymous.

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