The three dimensions namely, mental, physical and spiritual are equally responsible for our existence. A healthy interaction between the three is essential for the wholesome life of a human.

We can categorize human body into three parts – physical, mental and spiritual. Synergies between these three dimension is vital for being an effective human being.

Physical Dimension

Physical dimension covers our bodily features. We all know health is wealth. It is worth giving some time to, either in the morning or evening to make ourselves fit so that we can carry out all the tasks assigned to us hassle free. The fitter we are, the more confident we will be about ourselves and hence can face difficult situations without getting worn out.

spirituality Three Dimensions of Human Existence

Mental Dimension

Next dimension is our mind. It is the powerhouse from where current in the form of ideas flows throughout the body. It can help us think the unthinkable. No supercomputer can beat its limits and imagination power. Day after day we go on to experience something in our life. Everything we experience, notice or even hear is stored in our brain. If we ever  chance upon a similar kind of situation then our brain  can easily dig out the knowledge based on experiences in the past and take the decisions accordingly. But then it is only a small function. There are limit less possibilities in our mind which we can harness as per requirement. For that we have to work on it continuously.

Spiritual Dimension

Now comes  the third dimension which is the most important and for which human birth is so special and unique. Spiritual dimension represents the knowledge of self and the purpose of being here. When we look into ourselves we will find we are just a small entity of this universe but can still contribute immensely in our own way. Our life has a purpose for which we have been brought out on this earth by the divinity. There is no difference between you and me. The bond of divine thread passes through each one of us. It is our responsibility either to break it down to make it stronger because at the end of the day each one of shall again be immersed in the same divinity from where we have originated.

By Hitesh Pundir

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Image Source: By Bryan Helfrich, Alias52 [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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