Why is it so difficult to believe that a sinister plot of BJP & Congress is underway to dethrone the very popular Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi CM

Friends, I’d like to ask a very relevant question – Why can’t the IPL be postponed when our good neighbors have lost so many lives, in fact in 1000s to be precise? Why – doesn’t that tragedy deserve a courteous human touch, when all is lost of a chunk of our friendly fellow nation; can we not at least stop enjoying cricket for a few days to stand briefly together in these trying hours of grief of ill-fated Nepal Earthquake??

Nepal Earthquake 2015 Suicides, Silence, Tears, Introspection, Clean Politics, Dirty Politics – What’s Going On?

If not, then what is the rationale and who gives whom the right to ask why Arvind Kejriwal continued with his rally and speech which was held for a much larger cause, a huge purpose (unlike IPL) that in order to avert further tragedies from occurring, that of stopping farmers committing suicides!

In the run up to the by now a kinda murder mystery thriller of Gajendra Singh of Dausa village, Rajasthan! The amazing BJP CM of Rajasthan Madame Raje – when asked about, if she’d plan a visit to the by now, famous suicide victims’ home at Dausa village under her rule? Pat came the reply “Have you not read the newspapers – what’s the issue?” she says. Clean bowled, I am stunned at her practicality!

Arvind Kejriwal is all glum / off mood / unable to articulate, gloomily says, this was the first time experience that someone committed a thing like this in his presence, he asks for forgiveness; for something in which he had no hand! Party man, author / journalist Ashutosh breaks down on national live TV weeping inconsolably with a covered face, sobbing an unstoppable emotion when grilled by TV anchors – simultaneously begging to stop politicizing the issue!

Ajay Maken the insipid politician trying to do stupid and completely dirty politics wanting to know and says – “ Arvind asked for forgiveness after 49 days of government and now again he is asking for forgiveness! ”

The politically defunct Congress politician that Ajay Maken is – representative spokesman of a party whose pioneering leaders are under the scanner now, for a huge scam of killing the aspirations of perhaps the greatest gem of a human being in the India’s freedom struggle context, having so heinously heartlessly conspired to scuttle and shunt out The National Hero – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and then putting his family under surveillance!

Whilst Maken should hang his head in perennial shame along with his family of the entire Congress coterie, here he is instead indulging in dirty politics and having the audacity to ask and advise us that Arvind Kejriwal needs to do some introspection!! Workers at the behest of a certain dirty politician, President of Delhi unit of BJP a megalomaniac called Satish Upadhyaya and aforesaid Ajay Maken goes on the rampage, swinging into mayhem mode trying to create total chaos to show Kejriwal down; trying to score sick brownie points over the dead body of a farmer, who might have accidentally slipped to his death! They go on to burn effigies of the Delhi CM!

A Home Minister, right in the Centre plays dirty politics in front of our nose – trying his level best to implicate somehow, a very great, clean, honest, hard-working and a very popular CM. Long video footages are available for all to see the facts on the hapless day of Gajendra Singh. Something is really very very rotten in the state of Venice, I guess one could easily guess!

farmer gajendra singh aap rally suicide pti 650 650x400 81429701418 Suicides, Silence, Tears, Introspection, Clean Politics, Dirty Politics – What’s Going On?

Appalling silence befalls me thus I am reminded of a Sharmila Tagore in a yesteryear film Anupama – “ Kuch dil ne kahaa, kuch bhi nahin – Kuch dil ne sunaa, kuch bhi nahin .” (Did the heart say something – no nothing, did the heart hear something – no, nothing at all – ), in which she emotes in the role of a pained, mute girl in tyrannical solicitude – acting throughout the film in complete silence or may be in very few syllables here and there ! This silence is bound to befall any genuine human being who goes through a traumatic event such as this which was to be a Delhi farmer’s rally; it so much shakes up the complete person in whose presence a helpless situation like this thus unfurls!

In Arnab Goswami’s ajab high decibel mehfil, AAP’s Ashish Khaitaan was all aghast at the Newshour debate, 24th April, 2015 – there was this astounding silence from him as his reply to the panel. I call it an eloquent silence, as the great debate coordinator couldn’t elicit much answers from him either ! As very rightly, SILENCE was the only correct answer to the vocal ranting machine named Arnab, who couldn’t possibly understand what was going on! On certain days he is certainly cacophonous, and even on this day he wasn’t any different! Arnab did say though and paid the lip service, that this is a very serious subject and at the same time loudly denigrating the CM Kejriwal!

Why did such a debate happen / why was the CM then denigrated and called a megalomaniac? Is it because Kejriwal continues to ignore Arnab Goswami? How is the CM at fault? There are umpteen video footages of the event showing Kumar Vishwas appealing continuously to the police and to Gajendra that please come down and come on to the stage; then Sanjay Singh appealing Gajendra separately to come down!

Now coming back to Arnab – who gives him the right to invite guests, then jeer at them, shout and talk rudely in fact tormenting them on such a sad issue; oh come on does it take a brain of a genius to say you are part of the paid sold out media, obfuscating the purpose of the rally and portraying Kejriwal in bad light! You mean the audience are idiots, we don’t understand, we can’t see the hands of the paid media – heinous, completely devoid of humanity, in fact in hindsight you have truly earned yourself the title of Presstitutes, very apt VKS! Mr. Arnab Goswami you are fast losing the plot once again!

Coming back to Politics and Dirty Politics –

Perhaps one is drawn towards silence once again, where do you belong to Mr.? How can Politics be politics, it has to be dirty politics hitherto unknown in recent times that politics could ever be clean and honest? Yes if you did not know, Arvind carried out the Kisan rally only to remind you of the Black Land Bill which was draconian and being brought in by a megalomaniac party BJP a Modi regime against all opposition and that needed to be opposed!

arvind kejriwal aap rally rajasthan Suicides, Silence, Tears, Introspection, Clean Politics, Dirty Politics – What’s Going On?

What wrong is Arvind doing by trying to save the farmers who forms 65% of our population, who feed us and who are daily dying every now and then; besides they are on their own unable to voice their genuine problems, are thus devastated by rules thrust upon them and they are not educated enough to fight their own battle and are losing their land to an ever greedy Govt.!

This genuine concern by AAP siding the plight of farmers is white and clean politics and anything that stops it / contrary to it is Dirty politics! How tough is it to understand. Rest whatever happened to the hapless Gajendra is unfortunate but in hind sight again this thriller twist given by people who think that BJP have brought in the clappers at the kisan rally / BJP got the Police tipped off not to co-operate (after all it’s the Centre’s prerogative!) and a man planted from BJP ruled Rajasthan’s Dausa village !

Why is it so difficult to believe that A SILENT PLOT OF COMBINED BJP / CONGRESS CONSPIRACY IS UNDERWAY, TO DETHRONE THE VERY POPULAR AND DOING GREAT WORK, THE AAP CM OF DELHI?? The completely decimated Congress and the thoroughly depressed BJP with 3 seats are itching in their hands, legs, insides and outs to somehow bring mayhem in the streets of Delhi and maybe who knows not only to dethrone but even pose a threat to his life by raising a cock and bull, hue and cry, of a story against him, burn effigies and create confusion! Somehow give a bad name to the dog and then hang it!

Friends, Indians and countrymen lend me your ears / eyes in fact for a while to read and understand what I say … Do try and understand The Suicides / Silence, Tears, Introspection, Clean Politics, Dirty Politics – that’s going on. There’s a dire need of An Ombudsman, An Onlooker, An Intelligent Spectator, An Eye witness – The Quintessential Chashmadeed Gawaah – array waah. Yes we need them at all 4 directions of Delhi to create their own Media Centre’s to spread awareness of the great work they are doing every 24 hours basis!

The growing need of quiet spectators, who will get to the bottom of it all, right to the crux to see thru’ motives, vested interests which is killing, choking and gagging the voice of our great good angelic souls of Arvind and his men, who are new and trying to cleanse this deep dirt of the past 67 years in the face of heinous misrule, scam, deceit, hypocritically criminal, and now a monolithic body of 10% completely corrupt trying to coerce and spread fear amongst the 90% rest who are hoping for something great to happen to this great Indian nation! We cannot rob ourselves of this great venture, which has just begun!  Jai Hind !

By: Indraneel Mukherjee

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