Police uniform in India is a mere ‘khaki vardi’ with no substantial significance. The value of police uniform has to be uplifted.

I read with interest the publication and furstration vented by G. P. Joshi on this subject and find myself in full agreement with him.

gpjoshi Response To Dishonoring The Police Uniform



Undoubtedly, this should be the major concern for the uniformed community and the country as a whole. While no politician seems to have ever given a serious thought to it, it is now upto the police force to address it themselves.

indian police Response To Dishonoring The Police Uniform

  • A quick call by the cop for a back up unit should meet with ultimate emergency.
  • Arrest, lock up and punish the culprits severly and expeditiously. The police force must have
  • Police force must hold seminars in local schools and colleges to teach them the value and reason for respect for the authority. It should be explained to them that the life police saves could be their own someday.
  • Any attempts and bribing the police (or accepting the bribe) should be met with severe punishment.
  • Every policeman must have an authorative uniform and personality. There should be minimum requirements of height, weight and vision for police force.
  • Every policeman must be properly armed with a firearm – not just a lathi – and two-way radio communication device in addition to a requirement to wear a camera, so that evidence can be used in the court of law.
  • The police force must have high-speed cars with blindingly flashing strobe lights and ear-piercing sirens. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that use of such methods are intimidating to the culprit and the presence of police is immediately recognised with respect and submission.
  • A special unit to address minor to medium police matters should be created. An accused must be locked up till he/she is presented before a judge of this unit.

These are just the minimum steps that can be taken to address the problem. Raising your hands in despair and thinking “this is not possible” only means YOU are part of the problem.

 By Wilson Battu at indiaopines blog
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