The dismal state of Indian Politics where our politicians instead of being solution-oriented are busy bringing each other down is disheartening the common man to an extent where they are beginning to lose faith in democracy.

What I convey here is a sentiment not too uncommon from my fellow man. I convey my disgust for what happens in the Lok Sabha, in the streets of constituencies and conference rooms of the ‘big people’ of Indian politics. What pains me is that, people who should be running the country are so engrossed in petty battles and mud-slinging that I cannot imagine them sitting and discussing actual issues that ail this nation. It is disgusting to see party ad campaigns revolve around mistake of others rather than the achievements of their own. It bothers me that media projects elections as ‘battles’ and not the peaceful process for public representation that it is. It is condemn-able, the fact that governments are torn down in states, parliament houses are filled loudmouths and Bandhs are put in place just for the vested interest of some. It is with great regret that I say, I have lost faith in the democracy, for my entire life I have seen little good come of it. I’d rather be ruled by a king, for when a king goes bad, I know I’m dealing with ONE person, not a army of thousand corrupt men.

By Abhishek Das

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