Division of states is an issue, political parties need to think seriously. Unfortunately some people are trying to prove that it’s the demand of the people to make division of states.

Is division of states only solution? Is it not true- united we stand, divided we fall? Is it not true that self serving politics in every case is responsible for state governments to ignore selective regions of the states on development and progress? Why some people suffer due to lack of development and some enjoy in the same state?

Division Of States Division of States: Only Solution For Progress?  Reader’s Voice

It is unfortunate that Congress is trying to prove that it’s the demand of the people to make division of states. Political interests at different levels by different parties are completely responsible if one part of any state is not developed, progressed and prospered. It is the failure of the governments in those regions who have played politics between communities on the basis of cast, creed or religion. It is failure on the part of government if all the people of the state are not taken on board in their developmental programs. This has been happening only because of political considerations and sadly political parties are using discontent of the local community for vote bank politics.

Telangana is a classic example of politics of division of states. Is this not a politics of convenience for votes that Congress party is playing by dividing Andhra Pradesh? Why in the first place people of any state feel ignored and feel unfairly treated? This is happening even at central level today when the Congress government offers help to states where Congress governments are in power?

This is an absurd argument given by political class that smaller states in size are easy to administer? It is a very dishonest political argument given by many politicians. Do you really think, people staying in one state for years, if looked after well, see development all over the state without any discrimination, see progress of the state with equal considerations, and enjoy it all together, will ever want to separate themselves from each other?

Imagine, if the same dangerous political argument with the same perspective is stretched to another absurd level such as… This country is too big to manage…. so let us divide this country into small countries, so that they can manage themselves better? Tomorrow, some state argues on this line, will it be rational? Doesn’t this same irrational and illogical argument can be presented by somebody with political motives to break this country?

The worry today is- dangerous political trend with political motives. It was very sad to see that some people were looking at the Telangana issue as a victory. They say- finally we have won and they have lost? Who are they? The Simandhra people were with you for many-many years like brothers.

We must have become selfish and self centered today, if we don’t think that we all belong to this same land, same state, same city, same town and same country. We are all FIRST Indians. Who is going to instill this feeling in people nation first? National interests first? Unfortunately we lack this feeling among ourselves. And our politics and political class is responsible for this gap between two citizens. Instead of uniting, today politics is dividing people. The politics by Sonia Gandhi and Congress is destroying this country.

Today, after 67 years of independence, instead of uniting all the Indian people, instead of making one strong India, these politicians for their self serving political interests are separating Indians from each other by cast, creed and religion.

By Ajay Angre

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