Let us stop blaming Sports Minister Vijay Goel for what he did in the Olympics.He is a product of Indian culture ,a fruit of the Caste SystemTree.

One of my friends  working in an African nation, was narrating an incident that happened in that country.  Once he was waiting  to see a doctor for  consultation and was standing in a queue. He came to know that the one who was standing in front of him in the queue was none other than the Chief Justice of the country! As an Indian he was shocked to know that the Honb’le Chief Justice of the country was waiting in the queue,just like a common man! That’s impossible in a country like India where even the District Magistrate does not stand in the queue but has the Doctor visits his home!My friend was full of praise for the Chief Justice for his humility.

I corrected him by telling him that it is not the Chief Justice who is to be praised but the country’s culture of treating everyone equal,that is to be praised. Since there is no provision for special treatment in the country’s culture  for any one, even if he is the CJ,there is no question of the Chief Justice thinking about special treatment at all.So it is a country’s culture of equality that is to be praised and not him. My friend understood my point.

vijaygoel Why Blame Vijay Goel For His Olympic Behaviour?

Now India’s Sports Minister has been charged with violating rules and expecting special privileges in the Rio Olympic village.On a similar analogy,let us understand that’s he is not to be blamed for his expectations as it is quite common for VIPs to jump the queues and not follow rules in India.So if you want to blame ,instead of blaming him,blame India’s ‘Caste culture’ that is the root  of affording special privileges to the some castes/people. India’s ‘ caste culture’ gives special privileges/entitlements according to one’s caste. So  separate queues for special category is quite common in India. In the famous Tirupati temple, if you are  VIP you are allowed to worship the Lord through a separate door  that leads straight to the Lord!

The concept of equality is unknown to Indian culture , which is nothing but an extension of the prevailing ‘caste culture’. This  culture of inequality before law, breeds ‘anarchy’ That is the reason for large number of contempt of court cases in India.Cases of District Collector not obeying the court order ,State Government not obeying the Supreme Court order and even Govt.Railways Department not obeying the court order are very common in India. Indian Railways did not obey the court’s order and the court had to seize and sell the rail coaches for satisfaction of a judgement order !

vijay goel Why Blame Vijay Goel For His Olympic Behaviour?

So let us stop blaming Sports Minister Vijay Goel for what he did in the Olympics.After all,he is part of the system, that is the root cause of all problems of Indians.He is a product of Indian culture ,a fruit of the Caste SystemTree.

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