Everything said against Modi, and propagated by Kejriwal, Burkha Dutt and likes, in the section of the “Paid” media, is all Doctored.

It amazes me when people claimed to be honest, non corrupt, and have entered politics to change the present corrupt political options in play.

Kejriwal and company are telling the world how honest their political behavior is, how genuine they are in their political Avatar and how sincerely they want to change the corrupt politics and system of this country. But what you see at ground level is he proves his own claims to be fake. False and misleading.

Arvind Kejriwal Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?
It is not a rocket science today to judge the political frauds in Indian politics.

They all like to fool people and take them for a ride. Leave all others for the time being like Mayawati, Nitish Kumar, Laloo Prasad, Jaylalitha or Sharad Pawar or even LK Advani, Shatrughna sinha, Murli Manohar Joshi, like seasoned politicians who are greedy for power and like to enjoy it or stay close to it to serve their own self serving political goals. If not… all of them like to stay in media focus to create Headlines, Burkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai like dishonest journalists, who do not follow any professional ethics in News Reporting are always ready like vultures to get their bites against Narendra Modi. It is like tiger who has tasted Human Blood will be all the time on the look out to taste it again and again.

modi barkha Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?

But today, I am not talking about these very senior failed and corrupt politicians from all the parties. I am talking about the new phenomena we see it on our horizon. “Kanhaiya Kumar”. The promising political Leader of future India and his supporters like Arvind Kejriwal and Burkha Dutt.
Kanhaiya Kumar jnu Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?
Kejriwal and his government has gone all out officially to prove the “Video” footage of student protest at JNU campus of Feb 9th was doctored. And in doing so, Kejriwal doctored some official records and the video footage of the day to prove it was doctored. But “Truth” has its own way to surface however hard you may try to bury it. One day it will surface and expose all those who were behind in lying and misleading people of this country.

Section of the “Paid” media, journalists like Barkha Dutt and political leaders like Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechuri, A Raja, Brinda Karat, Rahul Gandhi and many others are trying to prove Kanhaiya Kumar is innocent and being framed with false charges of sedition against him and the video is doctored.

It is a very pathetic argument by these paid agents to save Anti-National rogues operating from JNU campus and using it as a political platform to revolt against India, Indian judiciary and the democratically elected Modi government. They are in reality hired by Congress, Leftists to fight a proxy war on their behalf with Modi. Kejriwal did the same, Hardik Patel did the same and now Kanhaiya Kumar is doing the same with the corrupt media support, corrupt Congress support, corrupt communist support and the foreign powers who are funding such protests to create unrest in the country to prove Modi government is failed and must be overthrown.
arvind hardik Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?
This in itself is a larger political conspiracy hatched against Modi government by Congress. And Leftists have been opportunists to join the band wagon. Kejriwal is a political crook and a Congress “Prop” launched during 2014 National Elections to fight Modi.

What is Kejriwal’s interest in JNU politics? What is Congress’ interest in JNU politics? What is JDU’s and  BSP’s interest?

They all have only one agenda. Destroy Modi. Demolish him. Before he succeeds in his Economic and development agenda. If that is allowed to happen, all of them knows, their political existence is threatened. Congress tried to do it for 14 long years to finish his political existence by fabricating false criminal cases against Modi, like Fake encounter of Ishrat Jehan, 2002 Gujarat Riots and Snoopgate. They failed. People rejected them in 2014 national elections and gave huge mandate in favor of Narendra Modi.

kejriwal vs modi Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?

These fake leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and their all Agents like Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, Laloo Prasad, Mayawati could not swallow their humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections. And they decided to get together against Narendra Modi to make his political discourse miserable.

Arvind Kejriwal, Hardik Patel and now Kanhaiya Kumar are by-products of Congress’ illegitimate relationships with different groups. Today if Kejriwal is trying to stand by the JNU students in their anti India protest, the politics behind is well scripted by Congress to destabilize the country.

If Kejriwal has got guts, let him go to court, every-time he loves to challenge Modi, Delhi LG and Delhi Police commissioner and prove his claim true about doctored video on JNU’s anti India protest. He will not do it because he is 1- looking for a media focus, 2- His media friends like Burkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai are all helping him promoting his politics against Modi and giving him Free publicity.

If Kejriwal, Burkha Dutt have the morale courage… let them approach the court to prove, CD given to court on Kanhaiya Kumar was Doctored.

It is very clear…. everything said, and propagated by Kejriwal, Burkha Dutt and likes, in the section of the “Paid” media, is all Doctored. And exposes their ulterior political motives.
paid media Doctored Video or Doctored Kejriwal?
It is time, corrupt media personnel and corrupt politicians must be exposed for taking this nation for a ride. It is time… We the citizens raise our voice who are standing with the corrupt and the anti national Rogues  who are shouting slogans…. Azaadi, Azaadi…Bharat Teri Barbadi, from Indian soil.

None of these Criminals of fueling Revolt against our beloved “Bharat” should be pardoned for a minute. They deserve to be hanged.

By Ajay Angre

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