Throwing Of Ink At CM Of Delhi Is A Dastardly Act Of Desperation. Every other day, he is attacked. Doesn’t such act taint India’s image?

It is said that extremism can flourish only in an environment where basic governmental social responsibility for the welfare of the people is neglected. Political dictatorship and social hopelessness create the desperation that fuels even religious extremism.

The dance of democracy unfolds in different gyrations. Nothing surprises an ordinary Indian as he / she has become used to bizarre political dramas.

Today, a woman threw ink on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during the thanks-giving event of odd-even scheme at Chhatrasal stadium in Delhi. The woman is identified as Bhavna. She claimed to be a member of Aam Aadmi Sena’s Punjab unit. She was heard accusing Kejriwal of doing some CNG scam. She came close to the lectern when Kejriwal was delivering his speech and showed some papers to him. After some time, she threw ink at Kejriwal but it fell short of him though stains could be seen on the lectern. Kejriwal demonstrated great patience and presence of mind after the woman attacked him. He remained unruffled. She was detained by the security personnel present at the event.

ink attack Throwing Of Ink At CM Of Delhi Is A Dastardly Act Of Desperation

Needless to remind that Arvind is the most attacked politician of the Indian history.

Public would recall the day while campaigning in Sultanpuri in northwest Delhi, he was slapped by an auto rickshaw driver. The AAP leader was hit so hard that he suffered a swollen eye. Four days earlier, Kejriwal had been punched while shaking hands with supporters in South Delhi’s Dakshinpuri area.

Before this, he was hit on the neck by a man claiming to be a supporter of Anna Hazare. Before that, while moving in an open vehicle in Varanasi, he suffered the indignity of ink and Mobil oil being splashed on him by unidentified people. Then eggs were hurled at him near the temple town’s Kashi Vishwanath temple. Before that, ink was thrown at him by a former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker at a press conference in Delhi. And then, of course, everyone would remember Kejriwal’s controversial tour of Gujarat last month during which his car was attacked and its windscreen smashed, leading to a series of clashes between AAP and BJP workers in other parts of the country.

I’m not in argument who was the lady that threw ink today at CM. I just want to know who is responsible for the security arrangements in national Capital? Who is looking after the police department?

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal faces ink attack in Varanasi 1 Throwing Of Ink At CM Of Delhi Is A Dastardly Act Of Desperation

The nation is not unknown to violence and murders. From Mahatma Gandhi, Indra Gandhi, Haren Pandya,Narendra Dabholkar to 77-year-old scholar M. M. Kalburgi, an outspoken critic certain religious practices and Govind Pansare, the great many children of Mother India have been physically eliminated at times with bullets and at other times they were suffocated politically and felt compelled to return the honors they had been bestowed by State in past. They felt the returning of awards was a just mode of protest and to express their helplessness. In today’s India, the secular liberals face a challenge: how to express their views?

Where are we heading at if the Chief Minister of Delhi is not safe and the Governor of Delhi and the RSS stalwarts keep reminding the poor guy what little powers he is left with to govern the capital of the country???

Without being a full-fledged State empowered with federal sovereignty and constitutional powers both under the State and Concurrent lists, it is an uphill task for any government in Delhi to govern independently. It is a state of constant friction if the centre is run by a different out-fit. The real ruler in the Union Territories is the Governor. He continues to be more powerful even though the Chief Minister is generally regarded as first among equal.

In the scheme of administration of a Union Territory under Part VIII of the Constitution and the Government of Union Territories Act, 1963 (UT Act), the Legislative Assembly is little more than a nominal force while the Council of Ministers is a recommendatory body of the executive while real powers are reserved with the Administrator and his ultimate boss, the President.

Article 239 says the Administrator can act “as he thinks fit,” while the UT Act says “he can act in his discretion, and his decision shall be final.” Article 239AA (4) says in the case of difference of opinion between the Lieutenant Governor and his Ministers on any matter, the Lieutenant Governor shall refer it to the President for decision and act according to the decision given thereon by the President. Pending such decision, it shall be competent for the Lieutenant Governor in any case where the matter, in his opinion, is so urgent that it is necessary for him to take immediate action, to take such action or to give such direction in the matter as he deems necessary.

The executive and legislative powers over very key subjects like “public order, police, land and revenue” are subjects of vested with the Union Government. The Delhi Legislative Assembly cannot exercise executive and judicial powers over these subjects listed in List II — “States List” as per Article 239AA.

This morning only Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of deliberately keeping the state government out of key federal meets, adding that the Prime Minister is creating hurdles for the Delhi Government. “Then they say that we have a problem of picking up fights. Every morning Modi ji gets up and thinks how he could create hurdles in the functioning of Delhi state government. He is trying everything possible to create hurdles,” he added.

kejriwal modi Throwing Of Ink At CM Of Delhi Is A Dastardly Act Of Desperation

It might be almost impossible for any government in Delhi to govern as such if the centre is inimical. However, for AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, there is a silver lining also with the darker clouds. His mentor and one of the few personalities the Indians still trust, the social activist Anna Hazare has expressed at he his full confidence in Arvind. According to Anna, Arvind Kejriwal, has not taken “a wrong step” after becoming the Delhi Chief Minister. Hazare says Kejriwal is a man of “clean character and an idealist.”

“Arvind Kejariwal is a man of clean character who is committed to moral values in politics. I have not seen him take a wrong step during the last one year of his tenure as the Chief Minster,” Hazare said. He said Kejriwal, his comrade-in-arms in India against corruption movement, faces the challenge to take along good people in politics. “He is an idealist. His performance as the Chief Minster so far is a positive achievement. To start a political party was earlier regarded as privilege of the rich. Arvind has changed the common man’s approach to politics.

Hazare also rejected Kejriwal’s criticism by his detractors that the Delhi Chief Minister had little respect for the Constitution or the law.

anna and Arvind Kejriwal LAND BILL PROTEST Throwing Of Ink At CM Of Delhi Is A Dastardly Act Of Desperation

“I do not agree that Arvind has no respect for the Constitution or law of the country. He has come from the movement and asserts his rights. To undertake Satyagraha is not anti-Constitution. He has not advocated violence as by Naxals to change the system,” he said.

The odd-even road rationing experiment undertaken by the Kejriwal government also came in for praise by Hazare.

“The even-odd number vehicles scheme introduced by the Delhi government should be adopted in all big cities. It deserves praise as it will help reduce pollution and traffic congestion. People should change their notions of personal status and make use of public transport,” he said.

By Naim Naqvi

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