Aam Aadmi Party is composed of ‘aam’ but no characteristic of it and its member is ‘aam’.Even the dog of its member manages to garner the attention of media

Everything and anything associated with AAP has nothing to do with its gist, i.e. ‘aam’ (common). The party’s name actually doesn’t team up well with the kernel-idea (aam) that led to the rise of it. Correct me if the precedent phrase by me is inapt, for the recently buzzing affair on ‘Don’ (the pet dog of Somnath Bharti) is considerably evocative of it being non-aam. Isn’t it?

lipika somnath Even The Dog Of Aam Aadmi Party Member Is Not Aam

The friction between Somnath and his spouse Lipika was spilled out by media long back. Eventually, the nitty-gritty of their doomed married life began surfacing out. One of the fine details was sketched last month, about the ‘don’, who according to Lipika’s statement was kinda, a weapon for Somnath. The words Lipika clustered against Somnath revealed out of a brutal attack by ‘Don on Lipika’s bulged-out abdomen, during her pregnancy. Since this allegation on Don, a Labrador, the media’s camera has been hovering over him persistently. So, how can this Labrador be ‘aam’? Indeed, not.

somnath Even The Dog Of Aam Aadmi Party Member Is Not Aam

To probe on the dog, media must have had an exclusive interview (barks in exchange of words, perhaps. Right? This is what my limited understanding believes in.) Under their investigation, the dog’s sickness was unveiled, the tests further uncovering the cardiac issues dog is struck with. To nullify lipika’s charges against him and his Don, a congregation happened in which Don was asked to attack the media-folks, but Don did nothing more than wagging its tail. Hence, Don’s feature of being harmless was justified. Even the neighbours around was in favour of dog’s harmlessness.

The crux of the matter what my understanding could narrow down is that AAP has to remain in the focus of media. Be it a dog or Arvind Kejriwal himself. Media-star Kejriwal’s love for media has to be inherited to his fellow members after all.

arvind kejriwal aap wins delhi Even The Dog Of Aam Aadmi Party Member Is Not Aam


By Prerna Daga

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