You need to know these Shocking Revelations by Dolly Bindra about Radhe Maa and Her Satsang

Radhe Maa is in the news from quite some time now after a certain dowry harassment case brought her into limelight. Ever since then India has been divided into two – one who support Radhe Maa, and one who thinks she is yet another dhongi female trying to earn money by fooling people. If that was not enough pictures of Radhe Maa wearing mini skirt went viral, and soon the media gave her the title of Lady Asaram.

radhe maa dirty picture Shocking Revelations by Dolly Bindra about Radhe Maa and Her Satsang

Bollywood also was divided into two. While Sonu Nigam and Subash Ghai praised Radhe Maa and even defended her, Rishi Kapoor shammed her. Lately, ex Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra, a former devotee of the godwoman revealed certain things that took the nation by storm. Here are shocking revelations by Dolly Bindra on Radhe Maa and her so called satsang:

Radhe Maa’s Elder Son Strips In her Satsangs

Dolly Bindra revealed how during one of the satsangs of Radhe Maa’s, her elder son while shaking his leg on a popular Bollywood number took out his boxers and went completely naked. She mentioned that, Sukhwinder Kaur aka Radhe Maa’s satsangs are full of obscene acts and sexual activities – Further revealing that, once her son went naked, her two daughter-in-laws Megha and Manisha came near her and started dancing in a weird manner. This made Dolly very uncomfortable.

radhe maa dolly bindra Shocking Revelations by Dolly Bindra about Radhe Maa and Her Satsang

Talli Baba’s Obscene Acts

The loud mouth actress stated the fact that even her two daughter-in-laws were charging on her. She said that Talli Baba, Radhe Maa’s close aide and avid follower also did obscene acts with her. What’s more, while sharing all the information, Bindra exposed that Radhe Maa tried to talk lewdly with her husband.

I was forced to have Sex with strangers – Dolly Bindra

This revelation by Dolly Bindra shocked everybody. Yes, the Bigg Boss contestant mentioned how she was forced to have sex with a stranger by Sukhwinder Kaur urf Radhe Maa. Dolly once followed Radhe Maa ardently but post this activities she distanced herself from the controversial godwoman.

dolly bindra radhe maa Shocking Revelations by Dolly Bindra about Radhe Maa and Her Satsang

Obscene Acts and Sexual Activities are quite in Practice in Radhe Maa’s satsangs

Dolly Bindra has filed a written complaint about all her allegations against Radhe Maa in Mumbai Police Station. She has named around 20 people. Dolly in her complaint has mentioned that such sexual activities which she has described are quite in practice during the self-styled godwoman’s satsangs.

radhe maa kitty Shocking Revelations by Dolly Bindra about Radhe Maa and Her Satsang

Radhe Maa Also Organizes Sexual Orgies during Satsangs

Well, if you thought sexual orgies are restricted to rave parties only, you need to attend satsangs arranged by these controversial babas and maas who we find in almost all the corners of India. Dolly Bindra in her statement has revealed how Radhe Maa forced her to take part in sexual orgies during satsangs. Dolly in the report quoted,

I cannot describe in words what I went through. They were playing Bollywood item numbers and at the behest of Radhe Maa, her followers stripped naked and assaulted me sexually in the worst ways. The experience was so revolting that I puked. It has taken away all my mental and emotional strength.”

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