Do you know that Dr.Ambedkar is responsible for all the Labour Welfare Laws in India?

Do you know that Dr.Ambedkar is responsible for all the Labour Welfare Laws in India?

Here is a gist of his contribution to Labour Law in India.

1) Equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex
Dr. Ambedkar was the first person who brought “Equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex” in India for all Industrial workers ,when he was the Labour Minister in the Viceroy Executive Council.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Dr Ambedkar Gave All The Labour Laws For India

2)Labour Rights in India 
Without Dr. Ambedkar, most of the protective and benevolent rights enjoyed by the Labourers in India would have been a big question mark.
As the Labour Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council between 1942 and 1946,his contribution to Labour welfare is quite significant.

Here is a summary.

a) Reduction in Factory Working Hours (8 hours duty)
Today the working hours in India in a day is ,a shift of 8 hours. Dr.Ambedkar brought this 8 hours ‘shift’ in India and reduced the working hours from 12 hours to 8 hours.

b) Tripartite Labour Conference:

ambedkar saviour of labourers Dr Ambedkar Gave All The Labour Laws For India
On August 7, 1942 he called for the Tripartite Labour Conference in New Delhi. The objects were namely, the laying down of a procedure for the settlement of industrial disputes and the discussion of all matters of All-India importance as between Labour and Capital.

The great achievement of the Tripartite Conference is the fundamental change it has brought about in the outlook of Government and of Employers and of Employees on labour problems, Establishment of Employment Exchanges, and Collection of Statistics under the Industrial Statistics Act.

c) Law for Women Labour in India:
1. Mines Maternity Benefit Act,
2. Women Labour welfare fund,
3. Women and Child, Labour Protection Act,
4. Maternity Benefit for women Labour,
5. Restoration of Ban on Employment of Women on Underground Work in Coal Mines,

6) Compulsory Recognition of Trade Unions:
Indian Trade Unions Act was enacted in 1926. This act helped only to register the trade unions, not approved by the government. On 8 November, 1943 he brought the Indian Trade Unions (Amendment) Bill for compulsory recognition of trade unions. The Bill had three important features.

They are to compel an employer to recognize a trade union, to imposes certain conditions on a trade union in order to make the trade union, to make non-recognition by an employer of a trade union, which has observed all the conditions prescribed in this measure and which has therefore qualified itself for recognition, an offense which is made punishable by law.

7) Employment Exchanges in India:
Dr.Ambedkar was instrumental in bringing the establishment of employment exchanges.
8)Employees State Insurance (ESI):
ESI helps the workers with medical care, medical leave, physically disabled during working injuries as compensation insurance for providing various facilities. Dr.Ambedkar enacted and brought it for the benefit of workers. Actually India only brought ‘Insurance Act’ as the first nation among the East Asian countries. Credit goes to Dr.Ambedkar .

9)Minimum Wages:
For fixing minimum wages for labour, Dr. Ambedkar was instrumental in drafting legislation on November 28, 1942.

10) Coal and Mica Mines Provident Fund:

tribute to ambedkar Dr Ambedkar Gave All The Labour Laws For India
* At the time, Coal Industry played a vital role in our country’s economy. Due to this, Dr.Ambedkar enacted the Coal Mines Safety (Stowing) Amendment Bill for the benefit of the workers on January 31st, 1944.

* On 8th April 1945, he brought the Mica Mines Labour Welfare Fund which helped the workers with housing, water supplies, education, entertainment, improvement of educational facilities and standards of living among the workers, including nutrition, amelioration of social conditions and the provision of recreation and transport facilities, the improvement of public health and sanitation, the prevention of disease, the provision of medical facilities.

11) Labour Welfare Funds:
Dr.Ambedkar set up an Advisory Committee to advise on matters arising out of the Labour Welfare under B.P.Agarkar. Later he promulgated it on January, 1944.

12)Technical Training Scheme and Skilled Workers:
13)Maternity Benefit Act:
18) Dearness Allowance (DA)
19) Holidays with Pay for Factory Workers
20) Health Insurance for Industrial Workers
21) The Legal Strike.
22) Provident Fund Act.
23) Revision of Scale of Pay for Employees.

Many more.

Credit:This answer is based mainly on information gathered and modified from Ambeth.

By Alvaro Hans

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