Dr Guru’s wit and discretion could save an inhaler-without child from asthma attack, thereby, giving her all again a new life. Kudos for this man!

Discretion and intellectuality make a pair great but not all of us are blessed with this pair. You would find many commanding either of the two but a handful few, both. Dr Guru is one such whom all of us must familiarize ourselves to. For his wisdom is the reason behind a child’s beating heart.

guru saves a child Meet Dr Guru Who Saves Child Using A Water Bottle

Necessity is the mother of invention and one such life-seeking necessity cropped up amidst the flight of an aircraft from Spain to US. A two year old kid suffered an asthma attack, but like typical scatterbrains of India, child’s medication was crammed in check-in luggage by his parents. To escalate the panic more in situation, the inhaler available was adult’s failing to suffice the child’s requisite. This gave rise to the entry of Dr Khurshid Guru, director of Robotic Surgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York.

Dr Guru, not wasting time to fret, fabricated a customized inhaler using water bottle, tape and oxygen tank. In a blink of an eye, an adult inhaler was altered into a paediatric nebuliser, averting the child’s permanent eye-blink. The child felt the respite after a continuous half an hour inhalation.

Readers may find his publicity futile and undesirable. For people’s interest lies in knowing the honey moon destination of Shahid Kapoor but not a man whose wit could give out a new lease of life to a girl near to death bed.

I really take my hat off in an honour of Guru’s presence-of-mind and discretion. And in my eyes, such heroes are much, much above the glamorous Bollywood heroes.

By Prerna Daga

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