Is our ex-president, the fountain of knowledge and light also our last Brahmin?

Brahmin is a Sanskrit expression which, literally means, “The one who has acquired the knowledge of Brahmn” and Brahmn according to Ancient Indians is “the ultimate reality” in the universe which is pervasive, infinite and eternal truth that remains. Therefore Brahmin as it is largely misunderstood is not a “special” creed or cast of a religious sect in its true sense. In that sense if we are asked to point a true Brahmin, Dr APJ qualifies to be a shining example.

He was a true “Brahmachari” and Brahmachari, again is an expression which is erroneously understood largely as “The one who is unmarried” whereas when we de-mystify this expression, we would realize that it is made out of two Sanskrit words, “Brahmn + Charan.” Charan denotes the one who “treads walks, travels, etc” and therefore Brahmachari literally means “The one who follow the path of Brahmn.” In that sense if we are asked to point a true Brahmachari, Dr APJ qualifies to be a shining example.

Motivational speakers in India APJ Abdul Kalam Dr. Kalam   Our Last Brahmin?

The boundless affection, unconditional love, innocence of an infant, magnanimity and simplicity lying embedded in the inner core of the “Sudh Gyan” or knowledge and wisdom in their entire purity; are all the features that pervade inside Brahmn and Dr APJ laboriously not only displayed these, but practiced them.

He was the fountain head of a subtle light which illuminated every life he came across and illumination is the true nature of Brahmn. Yes he was The Last Brahmin.

By C Devidasan

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