Mr Rahul Gandhi seems to be taking his position as opposition leader too seriously and asked for a bulldozer to be run over him. Spare us the drama!

Rahul Ji, To Counter Modi – Talk DevelopmentRahul Gandhi Press Club of India NO DRAMA PLEASE RAHUL GANDHI

  1. Rahul Gandhi has his own ways and means to form a counterpoint to our action oriented Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In his hitherto unaccustomed role as part of the opposition, Rahul Baba now seems to be looking for reasons to ‘oppose’; is looking for ways to remain relevant and in the news.
  2. Rahul Gandhi recently decided to add some theatrics to his political activities. On a visit to South Delhi slums in Rangpur Pahadi, to examine demolished structures, there was a rather overt show of the histrionic in the statement he issued. “They have won this time, but if they want to use the bulldozer again, let them drive it over my body,” he said to reporters. Supposedly this was born out of the sympathy that he felt for the poor suffering in the cold of the winter season. (Source – NDTV)
  3. RG has also been attacking the Modi government on various counts in rallies he has addressed in Jharkhand recently. He criticised the administrative abilities of the BJP government, saying administration is “an art that required patience and seriousness“. BJP’s promise to bring back black money in 100 days was also mocked. (Source – India Today)
  4. While some of the criticism may be valid it seems pointless to ‘oppose’ for the same of opposition. A case in point is Gandhi’s criticism of the Swacch Bharat campaign. Labeling the programme a marketing gimmick is not really constructive.
  5. It would be better for the people of India if RG offered some constructive criticism – since he obviously feels duty bound not to offer they government any praise in his capacity as opposition leader.
  6. Pappu G NO DRAMA PLEASE RAHUL GANDHIThe theatrics and drama are terrific for the Twitterati (scroll down for some of the best tweets) but they are hardly constructive. The topic #RahulRage is trending today. The Congress leader is anyway the butt of too many jokes. He should spare himself the mortification by measuring his comments more.
  7. The country is largely pleased with PM Modi and his actions since taking over as the leader of the country. How about talking development Mr. Gandhi? Let’s just leave the theatrics to Bollywood for the time being shall we?


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