Draupadi after thinking a lot rejects Arjun’s request of marrying Yudhishtr and finally announces that she is ready to marry all the five sons of Kunti..However, Drupad takes her back to Paanchal.

In the new Mahabharat, Arjun in a rather very sad tone tells Draupadi to marry his elder brother Yudhistr. This annoys Draupadi who cannot accept this proposal. They both have a long conservation on “fate”, “kartavya” and “woman’s role”. He even gives her an option of going back to her father. She however rejects the offer saying it would be an insult, both to her and her father.

Arjun Draupadi Mahabharat Review: Draupadi Accepts Being a Paanchali?

With this discussion, Arjun takes a leave from the scene and Draupadi remember’s Vasudev Krishna’s words as she see the same 5 shells given to her by him. She then heads to the place where the Pandavas are staying. Kunti on seeing rajkumari returning, convinces her that Arjun will indeed marry her while the rest 4 will take sanyaas.

Draupadi who now seem to be relaxed, mentions that she cannot become the cause of the 4 men turning sanyas. In addition, she even says since Bhim is already married it will be injustice to his wife. From when and where did Draupadi know this fact? Well, it seems that she is antaryami too. Never mind, Draupadi gets ready to become Paanchali, i.e. marrying all the five brothers. All are shocked. While Yudhishtr says “asambhav” a louder asambhav comes from the background.

Yes, King Drupad has come their along with his son. He curses the Brahmans and take away Draupadi with him even when Draupadi insists that going back will be a huge insult to the king as well as her.

Let’s see when and how Draupadi returns to Pandavas in tomorrow’s episode…

By: Deepti Verma

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