Although Arjun had won the swayamvar, Draupadi had to marry all five brothers. Know the actual reason with comparison with the new Mahabharat on Star Plus

After hitting the eyes of the fish in the swayamvar of Draupadi in the new Mahabharat, the disguised Arjun along with his brothers, treads towards the hut where mother Kunti is waiting for them. As soon as they reach the hut, Arjun calls his mother in delight and says, “Look what we have got as bhiksha”. Mata Kunti who is praying at that moment, without looking what exactly it is, announces “whatever Arjun has got as bhiksha should be equally distributed amongst the five brothers.”

The Swayamvara of Panchalas princess Draupadi Why did Draupadi Marry Pandavas and not just Arjun alone?

However, when Kunti realizes that it is not food but a bride, she is very unhappy to have said those words because as a custom, the Pandavas will now have to obey her word which means Draupadi had to marry not just Arjun, but the rest of the four brothers as well.

This makes Kunti sorrowful but Lord Krishna comes at the spot and consoles Kunti. He then tells her about Draupadi’s tapaysa in her previous life in front of Lord Shiva to endow her with a husband with 5 qualities. Following which, Draupadi was given the aashirwaad by Lord Shiva that she will be marry 5 men in her next life, each having one of the qualities she had asked for. Making it very clear that, it was Draupadi’s destiny to marry 5 men and not Kunti’s fault.

However, in the current Mahabharat this revelation by Krishna is missing. He neither comes at the spot nor is seen telling the story of Draupadi. Instead, we get to see Draupadi’s father Drupad coming and taking away Draupadi when she says that she is ready to marry the 5 brothers.

Draupadi Mahabharat Star Plus Why did Draupadi Marry Pandavas and not just Arjun alone?

Going back to the original authentic story, Dhrishtadyumn had followed her sister after her swayamvar to see who the Brahmans really were. After seeing this drama from a distant, he then runs to his father to tell him that the Brahman who won Draupadi over the swayamvar was none other than Arjun himself. Drupad is happy to know that his wish of marrying his daughter to Arjun is finally fulfilled.

Dhrishtadyumn then completes his narration by mentioning that Draupadi have to marry all five brothers. This makes Drupad sad as he thinks this is against law. Ved Vyasa however, convinces him that since Lord Shiva is behind this, it cannot be adharma. Satisfied with Ved Vyasa’s words he then arranges a grand reception for Pandavas and Draupadi.

However, Ved Vyasa in the new Mahabharat on Star Plus is seen advising Kunti and Pandavas. Following which the team reaches Kampilya which is Drupad’s capital. And the moment he sees them coming, he is ready to wage a war against the Brahmans. Krishna then comes to the rescue and reveals the truth to Drupad and reminds Drupad that Draupadi’s struggle is due to his wish of seeing his girl child struggling all through her life (which again is contradictory to the real story). Drupad is then compelled to marry Draupadi to the Pandavas. While, Lord Krishna assures Draupadi that whenever she would need her, he will always be there to help her.

While, the new Mahabharat might have spent huge amount of money, the different story which they are trying to portray cannot attract the audiences as it is not only contradictory to the original but also phony and self-made drama.

By: Deepti Verma

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