Bojhena Shey Bojhena – Will Aranya be able to save his sister’s marriage?  What will happen to the feeling he had developed for Pakhi so strongly?

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock…. Damn, its 8.30 pm! Bongs across the globe lose their sanity and united they stand in their choice of the Bengali show that ruling our hearts and also the TRPs! The smart-ass business tycoon and the sweet, bubbly girl pose confidently on our TV screens and our hearts skip a beat. Its time for our favorite show- Bojhena Shey Bojhena. Everything else takes a backseat.

hqdefault Of Dreams & Heartbreaks   Bojhena Shey Bojhena In it’s Most Exciting Week!

Loyal fans of the show have probably been waiting for this dhamakedaar week ever since the protagonists had met each other months back. And whoa! The wait was worth it, isn’t it guys? Full on masala, drama, spices and every other ingredient in the right amounts blended together to give that near-perfect twist that shattered our male protagonist’s heart.

Just a quick recap, in case the Bong kakima missed few episodes in between. The story about a business tycoon Aranya, the halwai Pakhi, Aranya’s sister Ananya and her husband (the villain, grrrrr!) Krishnendu grabbed eyeballs with the charming, chocolate boy Yash Dasgupta as Aranya. That permanent khadoos expression on his face, that hint of stubble and his weakness for his sister make him so adorable! Yes, I know I sound like a freak. Aranya-freak I am!

0 Of Dreams & Heartbreaks   Bojhena Shey Bojhena In it’s Most Exciting Week!

Pakhi, on the other hand, an orphan who lives with her pishima and cousin Piyu is the soul of the show. Talkative, bubbly, chirpy, innocent and most importantly, amazingly beautiful. She can light up even the dullest moments on screen with an amazing screen presence. No wonder, when such opposites meet, there had to be sparks. So many months later, we all were actually waiting for the moment when the two would realize their love for each other.

Alas! Life is not a bed of roses. Krishnendu who is totally obsessed about Pakhi had been trying every single day to get Pakhi to love him, all of which went in vain. But this time, gosh, he did it! On the day of Arko (Aranya and Ananya’s cousin bro) and Piyu’s wedding, Aranya just steps in a super-wrong moment where he sees Krishnendu hugging the heck out of Pakhi, obviously against her wishes. But, the wicked script comes it between and henceforth, starts a series of misunderstandings!

The shaitaan Krishnendu (I so want to smash his head) takes advantage of this misunderstanding and make situations worse. That scene when he tells Aranya how he hates his ideal wife, and that expression on Aranya’s face, that despair, that heartbreak- too much to take!

2110130610071 Of Dreams & Heartbreaks   Bojhena Shey Bojhena In it’s Most Exciting Week!

Another twist comes in when Ananya confesses to everybody and also her husband that she is pregnant. We all collectively sighed and wished we could rub off that streak of tear coming out of Aranya’s eyes. *sigh*.

What we all are waiting to see is what tep Aranya takes next. Will he be able to save his sister’s marriage? What will happen to the feeling he had developed for Pakhi so strongly? What will Krishnendu do next?

Come on Shree Venkatesh Films, we are waiting!

By: Titli Basu

Image Source: Star Jalsha

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