Hypocrisy is pervasive in India. Few of the traits Indians possess are the hallmarks of being Indian.

  1. If you are a 24 yr  female or a 29 yr male and unmarried, then you must have had a failed love affair or there is a fault in your stars. Any other (genuine) reasons are plainly unacceptable.
  2. If you aren’t an Engineer/Doctor, you must have been weak in studies because apparently science is the smart people’s choice and economics/arts are left-over choices for the academically dumb people.
  3. No matter how a guy/girl looks, their parents are always looking for ‘Fair & Lovely’ bride or ‘Fair & Handsome’ groom. After-all, life’s about being fair here.indian bride What Are The Dumbest Things About Life In India?
  4. A person who is dressed well in a western attire and speaks good English is the smartest.
  5. Our politicians are so corrupt. Our system is even more corrupt. But we are not. We never contribute to corruption.
  6. There are North-Indians and South-Indians and then there are the rest who are not Indians because they look like neither North nor South Indian. Unity in Diversity.
  7. All of us strictly follow the yellow traffic signal light. Zebra crossing is designed for vehicles to stand first for chasing the red/green lights. One has to look both ways to cross a one-way street. Footpaths are meant for adventure lovers in the city to experience off-roading.image 2 crossing signals What Are The Dumbest Things About Life In India?
  8. We love the aroma of plastic. We never want to take the plastic covers off any new commodity even if the commodity is not new any more! That’s a healthy obsession.
  9. Every time you go abroad, you are expected to return with a whole lot of goodies for everybody you have known or not known – that distant aunt of yours you met when you were 4 yr old. She wants a perfume!
  10. Black Cat, Lizard, Snake – These animals decide our fate sometimes: ‘A black cat crossing your path’ or ‘Lizard falling on your left shoulder’ or ‘Killing a snake’

By Sneha Kerkar at quora

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