Know how Duryodhana abducted Bhanumati from her Swayamvar

In the serial Suryaputra Karn, it is shown that everybody is against the marriage of Vasudev Krishna’s son Samba and Duryodhana’s daughter Laxmana. Though both of them love each other, their families are against of such an alliance.

No wonder, this situation has made Samba to think of a plan that can let him marry Lakshmana. Yes, this is why Samba is thinking of abducting Lakshmana so that she can be his.

lakshmana samba marriage When Duryodhan Kidnapped Bhanumati!

Strangely, to take such a step he seems to be inspired by Lakshmana’s father Duryodhana. While, we thought, he’ll remember how his father Vasudev Krishna had to abduct Rukmini or his uncle Arjuna had to abduct his aunt, the mother of Abhimanyu, Samba, the son of Lord Krishna thinks how Duryodhana had abducted his wife Bhanumati.

Now that Bhanumati’s story is a lesser known fact. The question arises – Did Duryodhan really kidnap Bhanumati? Well, let’s get into the details below –

The Swayamvar of Bhanumati

The prince of Hastinapur, Duryodhana was invited by the Kaling King Chitrangada to the Swayamvara of his daughter,  Princess Bhanumati along with several other royal suitors. Duryodhana with his best friend Karna went to the city of Rajapura to participate in the Swayamvar.

BHANUMATI When Duryodhan Kidnapped Bhanumati!

Not just Duryodhana, many of the prominent rulers from various parts participated in the Swayamvar including Rukmi, Shishupala, Vakra, Jarasandha, Bhishmaka, Kapotaroman, Nila, Sringa, and Satadhanwan.

Once, the ceremony began, the gorgeous Bhanumati entered the hall to choose her groom with a huge garland in her hand. She was surrounded by her maid as well as some bodyguards.

This is the time when Bhanumati was being informed about all the Kings and Prince who had participated in her Swayamvar. During this process, she walked past from Duryodhana without putting the garland. This was nothing but rejection. This infuriated Duryodhana as he was not the one who would have accepted rejection in any circumstances.

Duryodhana Abducted Bhanumati

Already smitten by the beauty of Bhanumati, Duryodhana was not ready to accept her rejection. Next, he abducted her and took her away on his chariot along with his best friend Karna. He then challenged all the other suitors to stop him and Karna. Here too like always, a valiant Karna successfully battled with the rest of the suitors to shield his friend.

karna death tv mahabharat When Duryodhan Kidnapped Bhanumati!

Karna could easily defeat the suitors of Princess Bhanumati. No wonder, they abandoned their pursuit to marry Bhanumati after seeing Karna’s fighting capacity and power. This made Duryodhana’s job easy as he could bring Bhanumati to Hastinapur effortlessly.

This act of Duryodhana wasn’t liked by the elders in Hastinapur. However, he justified his act by giving the example of Bhishm Pitamah, his great grandfather who had abducted three princess of Kashi – Amba, Ambika and Ambalika for his three step brothers.

Bhanumati however consented and married Duryodhana. She loved him greatly. Duryodhana too was a doting husband to her. She also shared a great rapport with Karna. Interestingly, just like her mother-in-law Gandhari, Bhanumati too was a Lord Krishna devotee.

So, Duryodhana did abduct Bhanumati and this is inspiring Samba too to abduct his daughter and marry her.

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