Dynasty Politics in India may have started from the Nehru-Gandhi family but has now spread to different spheres of Indian Politics. For the sake of fair and transparent governance India needs to get rid of this system.

It is unfortunate that Indian politics is progressively dominated by families. Earlier Nehru-Gandhi family was blamed for family hierarchy in politics. Now it is a factor dominant in Indian politics. None of the political parties are exception to it. Regional parties like RJD, SP, BJD,DMK, etc. are all governed by this phenomenon. Yashwant Sinha’s son has got a ticket from Hazaribagh in BJP. Son of Sheila Dixit,Sachin pilot and so many others are representing their family in politics . Are we not going gradually towards the rule of Dynasty Politics? If some one from the political family joins politics after serving society & proving their ability then it is still acceptable. But that is hardly the case and these candidates are being forced on the citizens. This system ultimately deprives the otherwise devoted party workers to reach Parliament.

512px Nehru family 300x213 Freedom From Dynasty politics  Readers Voice

Picture of the Nehru Family, the first Indian Political Dynasty.

Similar is the case with celebrities who are directly placed into the race for election. Other than Sunil Dutt, none of the celebrities have left any marks to remember . Those workers of political parties who have spent years together working on the grassroots are in a better position to work in their respective areas. If India needs healthy democracy then the current policies have to be viewed honestly. It is said by different political parties that ultimately politicians’ son are voted by the people. These parties should know that this prevails because the voters are left with no other option.

By Dinesh Mishra

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