Nothing, from laws to moral preaching, could change the horrendous face of rape. Is mandatory marriage at early age the fix to rising rapes?

RAPE is a curse in our nation. ( We take pride that we are highly civilized nation ). 90 % cases go unreported. This curse is present within families even. Let people / thinkers give their thoughts / opinions / solutions. In state of Kerala alone, reported crimes of rape are 7 per day, average. How can this menace be eliminated? ( prevention is preferable over cure ). Please do not give remedies, like stricter laws and their enforcement. We do not want our young boys behind bars, on whom future of nation depends. Even preaching on character cannot curb natural urge of body hunger. प्रवचन से भी इस अभिशाप / अपराध पर नियंत्रण नहीं होगा।
mumbai minor rape Can Early Compulsory Marriage Put A Full stop To The Incidents Of Rapes?
Remedy, which I can suggest is – marriage be made compulsory at age which is thresh hold of youth among boys ( age 18 to 21), for girls ( age 15 to 18 ). A girl, after marriage, should wear a ring on her finger or vermilion ( सिन्दूर ) above forehead as a sign that she is married. Both boys and girls can carry on their activity of education, job, or any other, which they are at present pursuing as bachelors.
marriage Can Early Compulsory Marriage Put A Full stop To The Incidents Of Rapes?
बुभुक्षितः किम न करोति पापम  ( भूखा कोई भी अपराध करेगा ) No one can control forces of nature. This kind of urge of companionship between boy and girl comes with age and no amount of rules , enactments, deterrent punishments, can stop this urge of body  ( it is like hunger for food to eat, in body). Now a days, with improvement in protein nutrition in food, this urge grows sooner than the time it used to happen in earlier times of poor nutrition. Rules on marriage within age limits should be enforced with help of Panchayats, Police stations, municipalities. Those who have genuine cases of difficulties in complying with above age rule, need to report to police station every quarter, showing what efforts they are making for compliance.        


By LAX Taparia

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