Here are some girly ideas for Halloween costumes. which can help you, spend less on your costumes and make most of your existing clothes.

This Halloween, the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. What have you decided to become this Halloween?

Bollywood Halloween Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

Some popular choices are your favorite Superheroes, Hugh Hefner, Pirate, Zombie, joker, Robin Hood and many more. For females, the most popular ones would be cat woman, superwomen, scary fairy, sailor, cop, nurse, schoolgirl, Disney princesses and many more.

Kim Kardashian halloween Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

But as you must have witnessed, it is not very easy to get your desired costume in India, as there are just a handful of shops carrying good quality and innovative Halloween costumes. So, you can always make your own costume using your current wardrobe with a little help from outside. Here are some girly ideas for you, which can help you, spend less on your costumes and make most of your existing clothes. 

1. Cat Woman:

A black leather crop top or any fitted black sexy top can be worn with tight fitted black pants. A little smoky black and grey eye make up and red lipstick can be put to create the Cat Woman look. Wear black boots to enhance the look. You can purchase a black mask from one of the party shops to complete the look.

HALLOWEEN COUSTUMES TO WEAR Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

 2. Retro queen 

Go old school with the retro queen look. High pony tail with round glasses and big loop earrings can be used to create the look. Wear bellbottoms pants and polka dots top. Put winged black eyeliner and rest of the makeup should be minimum. Don’t overdo the look with a lot of accessories.

Katy Perry Retro Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

3. Sexy cat:

Sexy cat look is cute and sexy at the same time. Wear any leopard print top or bottom to start with the look. The main element in the sexy cat look is the makeup because you need to create the little black whiskers and the cute nose. Hairstyle doesn’t need to be elaborate. For the cat ears, you can by a hair band with the cat ears to complete the look.

halloween cat gif Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

4. Lady Gaga:

The Lady gaga look could be the most interesting yet easiest I would say because the best part of this costume is that there is no pre determined look. Lady gaga can wear anything and do any thing out of the box, which makes it special. So slide in to your wild fantasies and wear anything, which will make you standout from the crowd. Try for a blonde hair wig if you can. But, avoid too many accessories because the Lady Gaga look is more about the makeup. You can also team up your costume with a fancy big headgear to complete the Gaga look.

lady gaga halloween costumes 3 Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

5. The Wicked Witch

The wicked costume requires all black attire with long witch hat. The all black attire could include a black coat or a black corset with a long black skirt or even a long dress with puffy sleeves would be an appropriate match for the look. Just make sure its black and preferably a skirt with some volume. The make up has to be dark and scary using smoky shades of black. The nail polish could also be black and you can wear net black gloves if easily available. Carrying a broom is optional but you if you wish to, you can.

Rachel Weisz Oz The Great And Powerful Hd Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

witch halloween costume wicked Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

6. Grecian Goddess

All hail Caesar, its costume time! A beautiful Grecian goddess doesn’t require much effort. Get hold of a white dress, short or long, preferably one shoulder. Add to it, a tint of gold either by wearing golden jewelry or even golden head accessories. Make sure you curl up your hair as a typical Grecian goddess has curled up hair. A beautiful Grecian goddess look is an effortless Halloween look.

sonam kapoor Greek gown1 Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

Greek Gown Priyanka Chopra Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

greek goddess halloween dress Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

And if all else fails then get creative with make up …

Shraddha Kapoor Halloween Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

Nargis Fakhri Halloween Top Six Easy Halloween Costumes

By: Vidhi Sagar

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