Imagine a `No Handshake` Nation in modern times ? Ebola is forcing almost all 54 African nations to adopt a `No Handshake` Culture.  

Imagine a `No Handshake` Nation in modern times ? Ebola is forcing almost all 54 African nations to adopt a `No Handshake` Culture.
mahatma ganndhi king george handshake Ebola Forces Namaste
A printed illustration shows a Black-White Handshake-Mahatma Gandhi shaking hands with King George-V, with Queen Mary.
If you are in disbelief – see the Governors of West African countries recently with clenched fists in air and no warm handshake in action.  
governor Ebola Forces Namaste
So what goes wrong when you shake hands or kiss an Ebola suspect?
nohandshakepin2 Ebola Forces Namaste
There is a grave possibility of transmission. An adult human body carries 70% fluids and sweat on the hand – this ensures fast transfer of the virus.
ebola handshake Ebola Forces Namaste
Ebola Handshake Syndrome as per Mali-West Africa Experience
To understand why the need of hand gloves – Let us look at a new Ebola affected country- The Republic Of Mali. In my first Ebola write up, I tried to document the rumours attacking this new Ebola hit country. As per WHO slides – things got dangerous in Mali when one young Ebola infected girl died on 25th, October.
People feared that her body fluids and sweat must have infected 141 others in this border town of 128,000 people called Kayes. Here 57 `contacts` are still missing (fled?). This grip of fear in this small town resulted in people wearing gloves and stopped shaking hands. The people in Mali later went a step ahead by adding goggles, gloves and masks.
ebola gloves patients Ebola Forces Namaste
The fear of Ebola is not limited to a mere handshake or a traditional burial kiss. Clearing the vomit, sweat, saliva, urine, stool of an Ebola suspect also needs a new safe sterilised culture with new expensive disposable wears for rescuers as discussed in my past write ups.
Doctors are helpless. It needs courage to treat and research Ebola. Scarce WHO funds and research have supported for this 40 year oldEbola scourge. Research support was never fulfilled claim the experts. The dark side to a greedy system of profit-oriented Americanpharmaceutical giants gets exposed.
Gloves or No Gloves for safety, Ebola is the ultimate global test of cultural hygienic practices. Containing it is a matter of washing hands, having clean water, and hygienic toilets, and prompt cremation burial.

If we do not have an effective garbage recycle plan as in Delhi-India or elsewhere in Africa, no sanitation system and no water purification plants in order and if we leave dead animal bodies out in the open for vultures to eat, then we are encouraging and inviting viruses like Ebola in our local environments.
multi racial hands Ebola Forces Namaste

This is the only Planet we have. Let us defeat Ebola to protect our safe living.

By: Rakesh Manchanda

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