The Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan said, “There are no cases of ebola in India”. That was a lie! He had no statistical data to back up his claim.

Ebola – Sab Jhooth Bola

On August 8th, the Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan said, “There are no cases of ebola in India“. That was a lie! He had no statistical data to back up his claim. The fact is, As per the Embassy and immigration count down there are 40,000 Indians in Nigeria,, 1,200 in Sierra Leone, 3000 in Liberia, and 500 in Republic of Guinea,1000 in Mali and 1500 in Ivory Coast and so on. Many have travelled to India already.
IBN Live had announced on August 20th,

5 arrivals in India found to have contact history with Ebola cases

New Delhi: Five persons out of a total of 145 passengers who arrived at various airports in India from Ebola virus-affected countries in the last 24 hours were found to have contact history with positive cases of the disease, the health ministry said.

Anyone who has been keeping in touch with any major national tragedy knows that Govt always downplays the casualties. Whether it is in riots, floods, train crash, earthquake or HIV, so as not to create panic among general public. Then slowly they will add a few numbers of deaths every day but the final figure is never revealed.
ebola virus poster 02 Ebola   Sab Jhooth Bola (All Lies) !


This is the headline in “India Today” of October 7, 2014
“Beware! Ebola virus could hit India” and that is not just to scare the readers or sell copies.

Jhooth (Lie) #1:Obama had said: “Ebola can never make it to the United States“. The world now knows that it did and the carrier died on October 8 in Texas.

Jhooth  #2: “Ebola can only spread through bodily fluids“. This is an absolute lie and could cost millions of lives the world over.

ebola virus1 Ebola   Sab Jhooth Bola (All Lies) !

Jhooth  #3: “The Govt has everything under control“. If so, how come we had the first 5 cases in just a week of the Health Minister’s speech?

ebola case mumbai Ebola   Sab Jhooth Bola (All Lies) !

Jhooth  #4: India is ready to face any Ebola outbreak. No. It is NOT. Because right now there is no known medicine/vaccine  to curb or cure Ebola. Everything that is being used is on experimental basis. 

ebola is real Ebola   Sab Jhooth Bola (All Lies) !

Jhooth  #5: “Nothing to worry about”

Here are some pictures of Ebola patients so that you you can decide for yourself if you should relax, trust the politicians and do nothing about it or take every precaution to prevent it.
ebola virus vixtims Ebola   Sab Jhooth Bola (All Lies) !
By: Wilson Battu
P.S. Health Ministry Affidavit in Supreme Court spins a different story: Of 691 passengers as on 13th.November, 70 belong to high-risk (Ebola cases). Ministry’s affidavit in the Supreme Court was in response to government’s preparedness against Ebola. The SC, while admitting a PIL on the issue by Vineet Dhanda, had earlier issued notices to the Centre and state Governments.
Image Source: 1,2, 3
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