Readers View – As a nation, we are still far from attaining universal education. Despite having an RTE in place and a huge education expenditure, the nation still faces grave disparities in Education quality and attainment. Why is Education Inequality still prevalent?

Education inequality is the disparity that certain students experience in their education as compared to other students. Parents in India generally focus on grades, test scores, college entrance cut offs and college competition rates etc. There are many causes of education inequality-like family background, resources etc. There are some parents who despite having a secure monthly income don’t show much excitement about their child’s learning and knowledge system. They don’t bother finding out about  their child’s progress in school.  Their only point of concern is their status in society and at their work place. These type of parents feel that they have fulfilled their responsibilities by simply admitting their children in a school and paying their monthly fee. Another type of parents are those who have less income. Unfortunately for them and their children, they can’t afford to admit their child in a good school.

Born Equal Save the Children You Speak   Education Inequality

The kids regardless of wanting a good education can’t do much as they are aware of their parents’ financial conditions. When these students stand on the same platform with other students, they get embarrassed about a number of things like their personality, their communication skills, their status and their attitude. This is the problem of inequality in education. We have to improve our education system. We have to erase these inequalities so that every child can breathe easily in open air.

By Sneha Singh

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