While we all know education is termed as our birth right. Is the Education system really helping us achieve our birthright?

While we all know EDUCATION is termed as our birth right. Is the Education system really helping us achieve our birthright?

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I am sure hundreds of parents are going through the agony that I am in right now.  Especially while I am an NRI sending my son to a CBSE Curriculum school, my son’s glitch is “MATHS” the sorrow of all sorrows. Two consecutive years and he is stuck up with being detained for failing in Math’s again this year in Class IX. Last year I have vented all my anger on him, his father did likewise.

Reaction : My Son Tells me when I go to school tomorrow I will not Come Back home, you will not see my face again.

Uh…. Tinkle bells ringing in my years, so I go near him and ask what do you mean by saying you will not come back?

After a lot of cajoling; he says he will commit suicide, by jumping into the sea (possible) as he does not know how to swim. Possible as he is very head strong.

By now my daughter who is younger than him joins in and we three cry miserably, hiccups and all.

Pacifying time: No you will not do anything, think about me, what harm I have done, we are only asking you to study, lots of cajoling and then a promise, oath taken saying he will not do any self-harm but will come back. Another year passes and at the end during exams March 2015 results again history repeats itself. “MATHS” the culprit all over again!

This time more repercussions: Take TC and leave school. Take admission elsewhere. BUT No schools are taking detained or withheld students. Schools have re-opened almost a fortnight now. He is at home all alone, not knowing how to kill his time, what next, what to do. I almost worry every time if he does not call me frequently.

In every corner somewhere someone has lost their child to this education system – I do not want to lose my child to this helplessness. I have made all efforts and still approaching other schools if someone accepts to take him in.

SUICIDE may be an end to a child personal agony; it is an opening to hell for the parents. My child is exceptional in my eyes he has a hidden talent a penchant to know about animals, wildlife, and underwater sea life.  Bet my life if a scoring student is asked questions in this field he would not know anything except that he has read in books.

Can we change our education system with PROMOTION’s as deemed fit. Let us not burden our children under tons of books, peer pressure, teacher pressure, parent pressure – READ, READ, READ, READ, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY…..

SUCCESS in Life is guaranteed by EDUCATION. WE have the world’s biggest Business men who are school dropouts.

By: Mehrunnisa Farooq

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