How effective is our education system? Is it helping the young students or killing their dreams instead?

A concerned parent shares his thoughts and worries about how education in India is negatively affecting his child. Are these thoughts synonymous with what other parents think?


I am worried that my young daughter, who should be enjoying her youth is neck-down in school books,

I am worried that by the time she lifts her head up – a good part of her life would have passed by…

Worried that her experience of life is limited to text books and more text books,

Worried that our system is producing robots and not sensitive beings,

Worried that her only aim in life is to crack the exam – score that 100%,

Worried that anything less would kill her dreams, disappoint her, depress her,

I am worried that she has no time for family, no time for games, no time for friends, no time for life…

indian education system 1 638 Is Our Education System Killing Dreams?

Marriage in the family – she is studying,

Birthday of a cousin – oh she is studying,

Family prayer – she has better things to do – study,

We go shopping – leave her behind – she has to study…

Dinner with friends – leave her behind – she has a big portion to complete,

Visiting grandparents – leave her behind – she has so much catching up to do,

Her birthday – sorry no big celebrations – can’t go out – have to manage time for studies,

I am really worried – my daughter is not living,

I am really worried – the education system is so insensitive,

education system in out cartoon Is Our Education System Killing Dreams?

Worried we are talking – but not doing enough…

I want my child to breathe,

Enjoy the rains, chase butterflies in the park,

I want my child to watch the sun set and gaze at the stars,

I want her to dream of flowers and birds,

I want her to just be herself,

Breathe, dream, live, Anyone listening?

By David B Francis
A worried dad, Delhi

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