There is nothing like I am ego free, if someone claim for it; surely trying to mislead us, they express it in a different ways.

“EGO” consists of only three letters but it does hold the capacity to ruin the relations in one shot. I call ego as “Enemy Earning Opportunity”. Why we can’t handle it softly? Why it has become so increasing challenging factor in today’s professional life which is causing major source of mental stress for us? To deal something first is to accept it, attempt to identify the need & solve/close it with possible practical solution. This is what makes me to do so here.

EGO I Like Your EGO!!

First Understand What is “EGO”

We all are born with certain level of ego, reflection of ego even can be seen in a child of 3-4 years, when s/he feel embarrassed publically (as we commonly do to interact with a kid for a fun) as a reaction s/he goes and hit his mom to shows his/her anger towards the situation, but why mom only because she is her first level of protection guard.

Similarly after attending the maturity stage; our experience of 30+ years leads us to think “I knew everything” which reflects from a person’s various behaviors like; he doesn’t allow anyone to express it fully in-front of him (especially with young generation); the activity s/he follows is; cut them in the middle, molding their views/words in his/her own way are few basic examples of showing knowledge ego.

We commonly say few people live up with moderate ego level, some with healthy ego and some with high ego. How we elaborate this, moderate are ones those who doesn’t show reaction immediately, healthy are those who maintain balance relations (no attack vs. no reaction) & the high ego are ones who doesn’t accept others as an individual, for them what they think/talk are always right. They shows past anxieties by this process. There is nothing like I am ego free, if someone claim for it; surely trying to mislead us, they express it in a different ways.

It is the fact that we can’t detach ourselves from ego, we are born with it and we will die with it. Neither ego has gender discrimination, nor does it have anything with biological stage. Yes someone choose it from “Expression to suppression” of ego is truly depend on their state of freedom. We are living with ego along with its complications & with the fact of its “Eternal Existence”. To tackle ego smoothly in a day to day life some human management need to exist to keep healthy balance in our professional & personal relations. I recommend two practices.

alter ego I Like Your EGO!!

1. First is called “Pamper EGO”: What we need as human is our acceptance from people around us, whenever you think something/someone is appreciable, do that word of praise openly & publically which does help to satisfy our need. Pampered is not “Yes Boss” activity.

2. Second is called “EGO killing”: Whenever comes across it is not worth talking/praise, someone need to stop it from its repetition, do express opponent pole openly but by carefully choosing the words. “EGO killing” is not idea of “Dignity attack”.

The idea of using words “Pampered” and “Killing” is for the activity carry by individual, but not for that specific individual, any wrong misinterpretation or course of action will spoil the objectivity of this purpose & will lead to the “Ego War” again. There is very common saying; “Always there is a proper way of saying” anything, even if right advice given in an improper way it will worked in negative account.

The word “EGO” emerges from the concept “How we talk and how others take it”. We commonly says “Boss has high ego”, yes he does have; and it comes from the state of superiority or power. In course of life there will be always someone in a powerful position; whether that power lies with us or others it is subjective, but the degree of power will surely lead to sequence of consequence to deal with that power & its side effects.

We should understand that “EGO” is a byproduct of anxieties which an individual tries to express by behaving in an egoistic manner. We need to improve our relations with this “EGO” management – After all relations are more important than one behavioral pattern.

Cheers for healthy life.

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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