Revenge or Love – What will Raghav Choose in Ek Mutthi Aasman?

The Story So Far of Raghav – Kalpi and Pakhi

Raghav Singhania (The star cast – Aashish Chowdhary) chose vengeance over love in Ek Mutthi Aasman so that he could destroy Sahil Kapoor (Ashish Nayyar) the man who killed Raghav’s father and made him an orphan. No wonder he still loves Kalpi (Kalpana) but marrying Pakhi (Pooki) was an alternative to torture the Kapoor’s through their daughter. However, Raghav is not the one who believes beating around the bush and so he clearly states to Pakhi, the motive behind his marriage. Pakhi who was dreaming a memorable first night with her husband is left crying and cursing her fate, while Raghav leaves to spend time with his mother Gauri Singhania.

Raghav Pakhi Kalpi Ek Mutthi Aasman : Will Raghavs Revenge Triumph or his Love?

Will Raghav Torture Pakhi More Or Will He Try to Convince Kalpi?

Now, that Kalpi hates Raghav for the betrayal and pain, it is difficult to say whether she will slog in her past or move ahead in her future. However, Raghav even today loves her more than what Kalpi is currently thinking of. Besides, Raghav always loved just Kalpi unlike her mother Kamla Maa, who always inclined more towards Pakhi than her own daughter Kalpi.

Kalpi Raghav Ek Muthi Aasman Ek Mutthi Aasman : Will Raghavs Revenge Triumph or his Love?

Moreover, to an extent Raghav’s revenge is genuine because neither Pakhi is an innocent girl nor are her parents Neetu and Sahil Kapoor. Moreover, even Kalpi wanted a revenge from the Kapoors who treated her badly throughout her adolescence. So, when Raghav is already doing it, chances are Kalpi might understand Raghav’s situation especially if Kamla maa continues to incline towards Pakhi more.

Romance of Raghav and Kalpi – Will It Blossom Once Again?

We loved the beautiful Jodi – Raghav and Kalpi, didn’t we? Raghav’s genuine fondness towards Kalpi and Kalpi’s silent submission towards him gave the serial the missing romantic element. But, now that Raghav is so much engrossed with his revenge we only wonder whether the two would be together again – giving us all those memorable moments of the past which we cherished the most.

Raghav Kalpi Ek Mutthi Aasman : Will Raghavs Revenge Triumph or his Love?

But, in that case, what will happen to Pakhi, the wife of Raghav Singhania in Ek Muthi Aasman? Will Kamla Maa allow Kalpi to move with Raghav, knowing that he already married Pakhi? Or will she again try to bring happiness in Pakhi’s life by persuading Raghav to forgive Pakhi for her parents mistakes?

Ek Mutthi Aasman Star Cast

 Raghav Singhania is the famous actor Ashish Chowdhary who is popular for his coming timings in both his movie, Dhamaal and Double Dhamaal.

Kalpi/Kalpana Vithhal Jadhav – Rachna Parulkar 

raghav kalpi date Ek Mutthi Aasman : Will Raghavs Revenge Triumph or his Love?

Kamla Vitthal Jadhav – Shilpa Shirodhkar again a Bollywood actress of the 90s was seen in many super hit movies like Kishan Kanhaiya, Gopi Kishan, Gaja Gamini and Pehchan. Ek Mutthi Aasman is her Television Debut after a gap of 13 years.

Vitthal Jadhav – Mohit Dugga – A TV actor, Mohit was seen in many TV serials such as Left Right Left, Love Story and Kitni Mohabbat

Sahil Kapoor – Ashish Nayyar – Remember Tumhari Dishaa, yet another Zee TV serial? He is DK Sehgal of that serial.

Pooki / Pakhi Raghav Singhania – Shirinia Singh 

Neetu Sahil Kapoor – Tuhina Vohra 

Catch Some of the Beautiful Moments Spent by Raghav and Kalpi

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Facebook, Youtube Video Snapshot

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