Check out the 8 reasons why Ekta Kapoor can be a better alternative for the Prime Minister Role at the centre

With so many of the new contenders rushing in at the last hour in the political scene with an aim to become the next PM of India, I wonder why Ekta Kapoor should be left out.

So, while the NaMos, RaGas, AK49s, Terrorist and Rapist Backers concentrate on their line of attack, here I campaign for a sincere CONTESTANT who really connects with the masses and can not be ignored for the country’s top most position. The reason? Well, nobody can understand India like Ekta Kapoor does…

Reason 1: Ekta Kapoor understands Indian Women and their needs

While Rahul Gandhi has been just singing the women empowerment anthem, Ekta Kapoor is the actual crusader of women empowerment. No wonder, Ekta has been empowering women from 2001, ever since she made her name in the Television industry with her serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

From “how to have multiple affairs and marriages” to “how to teach a lesson to their cheating husbands”, Ekta in her serial has a solution for almost all the women related problems. No, wonder, the day she becomes the PM of India, the women empowerment will see a bright light after crossing all these years in a very dark tunnel.

Reason 2: Ekta Kapoor understands Indian Men as well

Ragini MMS 2  300x111 Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

Sunny Leone will star in Ragini MMS 2

If reason one makes you think that Ekta Kapoor is a feminist, then I request you to lend me your ears once again because Ekta loves men as much as she loves women. Yes, and so you see we are bestowed by so many movies like Love, Sex aur Doka, Ragini MMS, Ragini MMS 2 and sex comedies like Kya Kool Hai Hum in regular interval of times, not to forget item numbers like “Laila Teri Le Legi” Bubbly Badmaash” and “Baby Doll” which keeps the men entertained, happy and positive.

Reason 3: Ekta Kapoor has the key to reduce social crimes…

dirty picture Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

I wonder why the activists time and again accuse her of Rapes due to the illicit scenes she shows in her film. I sincerely feel they should seek apologize from Ekta Maa’m. The reason, well she doesn’t raise the testosterone level of the sex mongers but instead control their crime by giving them the stuff they require.

Reason 4: Only Ekta Knows how to have vacancies for the unemployed and retirement plans for senior citizens

Ekta Kapoor is a kind-hearted woman. The way she keeps her good for nothing brother Tusshar Kapoor occupied and employed through her films, I’m sure she will have lots of schemes and plans wherein she will accommodate all the unemployed yuva of not just the constituency from where she stands, but the entire nation unlike the cheapo politics.

Pavitra Rishta Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

Bollywood actors Riteish Deshmukh and Tushar Kapoor promoting their upcoming film `Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum` on the sets of Zee TV`s show `Pavitra Rishta`. (Photo: IANS)

Besides, did you even for once saw her removing the senior citizens of her show over the years no matter how many leaps her serial takes? Didn’t I already tell you she is kind-hearted with a special place in her heart for senior citizens? With Ekta at the PMO office, I’m sure there would be neither the problem of unemployment nor recession.

Reason 5: Only Ekta Kapoor can change our national status from developing to developed…

Have you seen Ekta’s serial and tried to notice the common factor in all the serials? Well, I am not talking about the letter “K” but the multi billionaire men & women in her serial. I’m sure once Ekta becomes the PM she will share the secret with the country and the day wouldn’t be far when we will see India becoming developed from developing.

Yes, and then just like Ekta Kapoor serials where the women are seen 24×7 with gold jewelry and expensive sarees, every Indian women will be rich and powerful.

Reason 6: Ekta Kapoor is Secular

Ekta Kapoor Jodha Akbar Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

From Muslims to Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Marwari, Punjabi and now even Bhojpuri all the people love her and listen to her. So, after she becomes PM there wouldn’t be any Bhaiya – Marathi war, or Anna – Sardar fights. Besides,now that she has quit shelling cash for Jodha Akbar serial and is not associated with the show anymore, even the Rajput community is happy with her. See, I told you she is a PM material, didn’t I? Her capacity of being a good listener will keep the janta happy forever.

Reason 7: Ekta Kapoor has the ability to control Law and Order

ekta kapoor vamp Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

There so many unsolved cases and ghotals in India, time flows by and nothing much happens to such cases. Give Ekta a chance and then see how smartly she recruits the vamps, bahus and betis from the daily soap to solve these mystery cases easily. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Reason 8: Ekta Kapoor is a Bachelorette

Ekta Kapoor Why Ekta Kapoor Is the Best Choice for the Prime Minister Role?

Many of the Indian voters have said time and again that a Bachelor cannot be corrupt as he doesn’t have a family. Going by this logic, I can assure you that Ekta Kapoor would not be corrupt because she is not married and doesn’t have a family depending on her.

Phew, now you know why I said Ekta Kapoor is the best choice for the Prime Minister Role?

By: Deepti Verma

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