After a lot of drama by the Rajput community, Ekta Kapoor has finally decided not to produce the historical show Jodha Akbar anymore…

TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor is always in the news, often surrounded by controversies. However, now it seems that the young producer is finally bugged of all the rants thrown at her because she has now learnt to say “QUITS.” Oh yes, Balaji Telefilms have finally decided that they no longer will produce the numero uno television show “Jodha Akbar” on Zee TV. Ekta Kapoor Jodha Akbar Ekta Kapoor Finally say Quits, pulls her name out of Jodha Akbar It is no doubt that the Balaji Telefilm’s Jodha Akbar which is shown everyday from Monday to Friday at 8 pm is quite distorted and does not have much resemblance with history. Many of my previous articles show how history has been twisted to make this show more of a TV drama. From Jodha’s sister Shivani to the character of Mirza Hakim everything seems to be so different from the history which we know or which is in the records. Well, to be honest, initially even I was ranting about the distortion, however, with the disclaimers I think one can take the serial as a historical fiction and continue to enjoy the excellent performances by the actors. The show no doubt is intriguing and addicts you as a viewer because of its interesting plots and sequential schemes one after another. But, Ekta Kapoor has lost her patience and is in no mood to bear any flak, criticism or negativity from the Rajput community who continue to welcome her with morchas every time she is in Rajasthan. So, although the show continues to run, Ekta no longer wants to be a part of it, following which we see her name missing in the show from quite a few days, February 17 to be precise.

Being a number one show on Indian Television, the show means lot of profits in terms of money however Ekta now doesn’t want to bear any further tantrums of this community and risk her films too. Last time, Sri Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) didn’t even allow her to screen her movie, “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara” in Rajasthan. She was allowed only when she said she will change the title but the title till date remains the same. Zee TV is not so keen to take off the show and so producers Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor after giving a thought have officially removed their names from the show. Although they are still in talks their name seems to be missing. Let’s see whether the channel convinces Ekta Kapoor or finds out another production house to produce this number one show which the audiences are so badly addicted to. Last week members of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasahaba once again protested outside Ekta Kapoor’s office and threatened to create havoc if the show was not taken off from the channel. Wonder, why the chaos, because anyways history tells that many of the Rajput Kings indeed married off their daughters and sisters to the Mughal Kings so that they could sit peacefully with this nuptial alliance. These kings being weak in front of the huge Mughal army actually made their daughters as weapon to shield themselves, this is in the records which no one can deny. So, why create a ruckus? Meanwhile, let’s see what’s stored for this addictive show in the future, Will Ekta Kapoor come back again as a producer or will the channel will be compelled to look for new production house, what do you think? By: Deepti Verma Also See: Jodha Akbar Review Jodha Akbar Review : Evidently a fake love story Mirza Hakim Is Not what Jodha Akbar Portrays Image Source: IANS

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