Night stroll is suitable to those middle-aged people who avoid taking an early morning walk on the traffic-less road.

Night stroll is suitable to those middle-aged people who avoid taking an early morning walk on the traffic-less road. It is because of this very reason a ground-breaking trend of physical exercise is trending, as more and more people are turning to the night-time strolls. Quite a different idea indeed! But not so fresh as we assume hurriedly. This can be the habit of the middle-aged men who are inclining to night-time leisurely walk in accordance with their own bizarre attitude. They also want to maintain their physical fitness. Despite not being completely a fresh thought, it is increasing among the people of fifty-plus men.

elderly gait Elders Moving At Regular Gait As Night Advances

Like the energetic, young and vibrant young lots they also believe in the motto of fit body and fit mind which keeps the doctor far away. This is a very convenient maxim for the health-conscious people. They do not seem to believe in old maxim of an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This proverb is outdated now. The doctors are no longer philanthropists at this point of time. They are well aware of the fact that those red-coloured apples were not as much effective as this kind of fruit used to be in yester years. They know very well how much a common man would eat the apples he would certainly visit them once, twice, thrice or even more in their whole span of life.  

It is proven fact that Kashmiri apples are savoured by one and all. Therefore there is no cleverness to attach the tag of the rich man’s favourite fruit with the heavenly crop. We, the common run of the society are mistaken on the matter. That old saying would have been certainly associated with the apple usually grown in the Mediterranean type of climate. Today’s crop of Pahari variety is not proving as much useful for the people’s health. So, the walk in the night is the only better option to avoid expensive expert doctors. Anyhow, we must not forget it was this reddish produce which compelled Adam to leave the Heaven. At present, the doctors are enjoying the divine bliss at the curse of Satan!  

adam Elders Moving At Regular Gait As Night Advances

What needs to keep in mind for night stroll is the availability of the open space for hanging around. In some localities, the vacant space for the purpose is easily available and if it is not obtainable, the tiles- tucked 15-feet wide road is selected for this venture. In a newly inhabited locality of the city’s Jajmau area here, nearly half a dozen elderly men are daily taking night walk exercise in conformity with the fitness regime. Leading the group of this course of physical practice, one lungi-clad individual collects every enthusiast in his vicinity for the walk from one end to another part of the tiled road. These elder men do not hesitate in getting rid of their tiredness while conversing all through the march. Their talks convey the impression as if they are enjoying the walk for the vigorous body. They have steadily admitted that there is no remorse at this exercise.

Clarifying their viewpoints, they further said that we had been undertaking this exercise for becoming stronger like any muscle man. It was owing to this very reason they involved themselves in the physical excursion. Now, they have been focussing upon including other elders in their group but barring a certain few none musters confidence to participate in this night march past. They surely did not aim at any sort of athletic medal but they are definitely not going to take a break till the rainy season. If a Milkha Singh states running is the best way to keep one fit and fine, Baba Ramdev stresses upon Yoga as the only option for keeping the body fit and formidable.

Baba Ramdev International Yoga Day Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh Elders Moving At Regular Gait As Night Advances

Side by side, a Bollywood actor Salman Khan stumbles on the gym for the better physique. The people, who choose the walk in night hours for their good physical shape, cover more than one kilometre in strolling on the road in their areas. This is totally their choice. What made them adopt night-time foot walk exercise depends on their choice. One older person said that this particular time appeared comfortable for the night hour’s physical work out.

When they are on their walk even the sleeping dogs avoid barking on them. It might have been because of their devotion to prepare the fit body. What a time has come! Stray dogs relax while social animals perspire in the attainment of physical power. It demonstrates their dedication. They do not feel cursed and abandoned.  It is only to find the goal they are toiling hard to walk and walk.  What remains a bit peculiar is non-attendance of their very close companion in this stride. He is said to have been shown no interest in this sort of exercise in the night. Without him the group members try to have a feeling of intense happiness in lifting and settling down each foot in turn, never having both the feet off the ground at once on the clear road in the night.

By Shakeel Ahmad

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