System needs us as intensely as we need the system! Perhaps this is even prominent after the elections.

Essence of Democracy

Democracy thrives on competition. It derives its utility on the notion of competition.The safety net democracy offers to diversity and human rights, is derived from the competition. It is therefore incumbent upon the political class to give a tough fight, to sustain competition; so that the struggle gives rise to the best of ideas, thoughts and action. The congress had failed miserably for the past 10 years. They didn’t even try to appeal to the people through good governance. Through a combination of corruption and impotence, they ensured that they destroyed any competition for the BJP. While the victors celebrate, this unprecedented victory is unnerving, both due to its novel nature as well as on account of the large power concentration.

Narendra Modi at the BJP Public Meeting The Election that Wasn’t

Har Har Modi

The BJP for its part ran a phenomenally effective campaign. Mr. Modi was everywhere all the time. Heck, I had heard his bits on the radio so much that I could in fact enact them at will. While I remain sceptical of their motives, agendas and promises, I will say that the better campaigner won. It is a testament to Mr. Modi and team’s intelligence and political acumen, which novices like Aam Aadmi Party would be well advised to learn from and emulate. The way they capitalised on this nation’s disgust towards a weak and ineffective prime minister, was both clever as it was effective. They displayed tremendous intuitive ability, to gather people’s expectations and then brand Modi accordingly. Among the many things that they got right, the manifesto stands out. Detailed and exhaustive, it gave a clear picture of what the party stood for. Particularly on points like Uniform Civil Code, the frankness and clarity were definitely worth applauding.The format, not the items per se, of the manifesto, should serve as a good precedent for others to follow.

Congress foundation day The Election that Wasn’t

Congress president Sonia Gandhi with vice president Rahul Gandhi talking to media after party`s 128th foundation day function at AICC Headquarters in New Delhi on Dec. 28, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Congress’s Loss is BJP’s Gain

But the highlight of this election to me remains the congress party’s loss. The brand of arrogance and disconnect from ground realities, deserves to be rewarded with devastation and oblivion. Despite this overwhelming loss, Mr. Rajeev Shukla stilled alleged that they lost to a fraudulent campaign that promised “the sun and the moon”. But he fails to realise that between the sun and the moon and Rahul Gandhi’s promise of intelligent and good governance, people find the former easier to believe.

Modi Victory The Election that Wasn’t

With Power Arrives Responsibility!


This party forged on elitist values seems at its weakest and I hope to god, newer parties like The AAP and LokSatta will deliver the death blow to this party that deserves to wither away. They destroyed the sacred nature of secularism by claiming it as their own, when all they did was nurture polarization. For their ineffectiveness, for their lack of honesty and most of all, for their assumption that my IQ is less than theirs,they deserve to lose. The fact that they refuse to eat the humble pie and pretend like the nation is ungrateful only fortifies my disgust at them and their brand of pretentious spokespersons who have made watching the news debates unbearable!

Our Fundamental Rights Five Way to Fundamental Duties

India’s sustenance and togetherness, despite its diversities emanates from the lack of power concentration in any single individual or group. We saw the dangers of democratically sanctioned autocracy during Indira Gandhi’s regime. The very concept of separation of powers, ingrained in our constitution, exists to prevent power concentration by imposing layers of scrutiny and accountability upon our state. With a majority as big as this, the ruling party now has the power to effect raring reforms, like the uniform of civil code. But what if it decides to walk the dark side? With just about 50 odd short of the 2/3rds majority, even constitutional amendments cannot be ruled out. What will happen to its liberal values? Even in its death, the congress leaves this nation feeling vulnerable. After all, if things do get worse, thanks to this situation, the money looted through scams can be used to buy an island off the cayman islands for the ex ruling party members. But where do, the less privileged go?! I hope to God, that the NDA remains conscious of the great responsibilities that now come with such overwhelming results.

Muslim Women Pray For Narendra Modi.jpg The Election that Wasn’t

Muslim women pray for BJP Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat on April 7, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

While I am disconcerted and people may call me a sceptical weasel and a party pooper, I accept that the results of the elections are the consequence of living in a democracy. We don’t always see who we want in power, nor do we always see those who we do not like, losing-losing elections. As much as I am disappointed to know that critical social rights like rights of sexual minorities and the right to choice, will now take a back seat; the nation has spoken. But to disown the nation because it made a choice, is not fair. The system needs us more than ever now, to demand those reforms which the NDA is opposed to and to support them when they act right. This is how we can generally counteract the ill effects of the power concentration. This result is a call for the citizen to play the watch dog, given the opposition only exists as a concept at the moment. Now, more than ever we need to be vigilant, uncompromising and committed to ensuring that the ruling government doesn’t transgress its boundaries and mandate. As disappointed as the anti BJP voters are, there is work to be done and we cannot shy away from these duties.

By Ashok G.V.

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