As Congress has been standing on shaky grounds lately, and BJP is ambitious to make a comeback, what are India’s Options for Elections 2014?

Congress is on the verge of collapse, all most  all over the country thanks to unprecedented bad press the party is getting Opinion polls are predicting that Congress will somewhere get 70 to 90 seats . AAP ,on the contrary is also getting unprecedented media coverage but mostly favourable. AAP has successfully ,though mischievously, hyphenated BJP along with Congress painting both of these National parties as “corrupt.” Thanks to media help ,gradually public is swallowing the absurd equation.   Regional players in mostly non-Hindi states though remain unscathed . Because no one is targeting them ! Narendra Modi   01 2 200x300 Elections 2014  Indians Do Not Have Options:Readers Voice Net result as shown by opinion polls is that NDA is likely to get around 210-230 seats , UPA 90 to 100 seats and all others around 230 seats . Therefore, presuming that nothing dramatically changes till election date , NDA is the only group most likely to form next Government . If not , another possibility is a crude attempt of Congress supported Government involving regional satraps .In short return of United front !

It is no brainer that if that happens ,India’s economy will go from bad to worst .Indian rupee will touch 100 per Dollar-Foreign exchange reserve will evaporate ,Inflation will cross 20% and many industries will collapse. That makes it clear that as of now we Indians have in effect no option other than going for Modi. People should see through the sinister attempt of demonising Modi . All the talk of Secularism is nothing but Bogus . There is no country more secular than India . Vote Modi Save India .

By Vinod K Jhunjhunwala

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Image Source: By Mayur Bhatt, Ahmedabad (File taken from the author by the uploader) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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