The Indian democratic setup is based on the key demarcation of people’s right to vote and thus form a government. Mass base is populated amongst the election process and cascaded to 543 seats in the lower house of the parliament, also called the Lok Sabha. As India goes to elections in 2014, the biggest question […]

The Indian democratic setup is based on the key demarcation of people’s right to vote and thus form a government. Mass base is populated amongst the election process and cascaded to 543 seats in the lower house of the parliament, also called the Lok Sabha. As India goes to elections in 2014, the biggest question in front of all and sundry is `Who will be forming the next government ?` & the bigger one is that `Who we all will see as the Prime Minister of India?`. Both of these questions are quite juxtaposed and a deeper analysis can give us a resounding answer.

Elections 2014 – The Congress dilemma

Lets first start with the Congress party which is ruling this nation interruptedly for past 9 long years. The party has stalwart leaders from the Prime Minister himself to Mr Digvijay Singh, Mr Salman Khursheed amongst others, not to mention the political mileage of the Gandhi bastion. In the past nine years of running the government, Congress has been fairly losing the mass base to its political opponents due to various irregularities amongst its cadre. The party is neck-deep envisaged in corruption and has been time and again had to prove its mettle to fight this menace out. From Anna Hazare movement to the birth of Aam Admi Party, the Congress has been severely castigated by various socio-political compunctions. Also, Congress has lost is sheen amongst much of its alliances due to political bickering and other anomalies. So be it the Ms Mamta Banarjee clan or an ever threatening stance of Mulayam Singh and Mayawati, Congress has been steering its ship in trouble waters of late. On the international front, the less said the best, global media has time and again questioned the `Indian Growth Story` started by our own prime minster, now that the tables have severely turned the man with an impeccable academic and astounding economic record has been turned as a `MUSE` to the `IRON-LADY`. All this bifurcations have led to an economy of gloom and has cast a severe doubt in the minds of the Indian electorate (Read educated middle class, who hardly vote).Though, the last-minute economic decisions ( of passing food security bill through and ordinance and MNERGA etc) might influence the electorate but overall the Policy Paralysis from the government stables have lead to denting the character of its parent organization (`The Congress`) and it would be quite a tough call this time for the `Congress Yuvraj` to motivate and thus bring back the lost zeal of India’s largest and once a shinning Congress party.

The BJP and politics of internal strife

The second largest party of this country, as the Congress, has never have had the opportunity to consecutively run the show for this country, some may call this as an Irony, others a well demarcated reality. The party, which has its roots ingrained in the RSS (The BJP’s real headquarters are still in Nagpur to the contrary belief that it is in New Delhi). The mantle is still run by the octogenarians who are still quite influential in their might and hold a good stead in dictating terms in the internal functioning of the Party. Over last 10 odd years, BJP has found a priced catch, Mr Narendra Modi, a political leader with dynamism and risk taking approach and the party is basking in the glory of this erstwhile man, with much political indifference within and outside the political class. Though, like the congress, the BJP has also an army of able leaders who are qualified to lead by example, instead Mr Modi has been single-handedly chosen by his political mentors ( read RSS) to steer the `RATH` of the BJP. This decision has severely created rifts in the inside party circles (Mr Lal Krishna Advani and his side of the lobby with that of Mr Rajnath Singh and other of his compatriots). Now this shows the intangibility of a party which wants to lead by example and form a government at centre. With recent happenings, the nation has been a keen observer to the fallacies that all is well in the intrinsic of the BJP. Now talking about the mass base of the party in this country, the same is realistically non-existent in southern of India, and its only ray of hope has been washed out by the fallout with Yeddyurappa, who for the first time lead the party and formed the government in the southern state in 2008. The situation is nearly the same in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Andhra, all these states account for more than 150 of the prized Lok Sabha seats and ignoring this political reality will wash out the current wave of Narendra Modi to dome the hat of Prime Minster of India.

Aam Admi Party: The Baby in political panorama

Aam Admi party was formed as a result of a political compulsion, rather than an objective sense of vision.

The demarche was launched out of civil society movement, whose one point agenda was corruption.The movement was led by Shri Anna Hazare, the Magsaysay award winner who wanted a corrupt free `Bharat` in twenty-first century `India`. The octogenarian never showed his political interests inspite of the fact that he lead the movement almost singlehandedly, gathering a humongous populace and a killing media attention, not only locally but at international level. The political irony started when, smelling an opportunity Mr Arvind Kejriwal jumped the bandwagon and showcased his political ambitions, thus routing the movement into a different direction altogether. The immediate impact of this folly was the Mr Hazare went a step backward and with him Mr Kejriwal was derived of a mass support which Hazare commanded. Left in the lurch, Mr Kejriwal, with his band of followers have instigated crowd many times at prominent spots in Delhi (Ramlila Maidan) and at other places as well, but has not been able to replicate the mass support and media coverage commanded by his mentor. Aam Admi party has been only limited to a regional movement, with virtually non-existent political faces and more so with no vision document for this nation (let’s not talk about ONLY corruption as the root cause of this country!). You must not have heard any foreign policy initiative or confronting China and militancy in J&K or how to handle the dwindling economy of this country, Mr Kejriwal rotes only one tune and that is of `Corruption is the essence of all evil of this nation`. A parallel economy of black money which has been functioning so ‘efficiently’ cannot be erased by mere speeches, We want stringent action on this front too but how and when and where to start, the ‘New Baby’ of the political arena called the ‘Aam Admi Party` is virtually and physically Non-existent.

Third Front: like a BIG foot, some say it exists others say NO.

Mulayam Singh Third Front 300x215 Elections 2014 | A political Circus coming your way….

As they say, that no one is friend or foe in political circus, the saying has been proved right with the breaking of 17 years old ties between the BJP and JDU. The bone of contention again has been on the subject of the BJP not naming the Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014 general elections. This has led to rife speculations of the formation of `The Third Front`, nothing but formulation of regional parties across India, and trying their luck at the centre to form the Government. From JDU to DMK, AIDMK, Trinamool Congress and ( SP and BSP may be) have shown hidden interest in politics of opportunism and clog together for a single-minded national objective to keep the BJP and Congress at bay in coming 2014 elections. As empirical’s having proved time and again, Indian political system has always proved the electorate wrong when there has been a fractured verdict. From BJP to Congress all have suffered the perils of a broken verdict and it has been always a politics of compromise to run the government. Political parties with meager electoral votes cannot do justice to the nation by coming together under one umbrella without a visionary agenda. So, for those political mandarins, who are quite apprehensive about the formation of the ‘Third Front’ at the centre, the answer is a big NO.

Finally, this season when the political jamboree will start its campaign run, it would be the one day king (read common man with a vote), who would cast his/her saying and thus prove a point in front of the world that, all said and done, one day will be OURS and we shall not lead this nation down to politics of parody!

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