With Elections finally rolling many expect it to be a watershed moment in the political history of the country. One waits to see whether the results will bring back the power to hope or lead to cynicism again.

Emotions are running high, campaigning entering into last phase, politicians changing their loyalties and each player doing everything to ensure victory to become the king for 5 years. Time has come for the biggest festival of the largest democracy in the world. Yes, Lok Sabha Election 2014 bonanza is just about to start. Politicians  have filled their nomination papers and voters are getting a golden chance to know their servants’ wealth.
india 300x300 Will Elections 2014 Bring Some Hope?
Sonia Gandhi, Lal Krishna Advani and Mulayam Singh to ex BJP leader Pramod Mahajan’s daughter Poonam and item girl Rakhi Sawant, all have disclosed their eye-popping wealth and assets. Soon, one may see many more such revelations. But do these figures matters to us? Even if our Netas have a lot of money, would they spend any single penny on development? Can we even have faith in these figures? Forget about their own money and assets, many of our leaders don’t care enough to spend the funds they get for development in their respective areas.

During the time of election and filing of nominations, we always extensively on how many folds the assets of politicians have increased in a given time. Poonam Mahajan gained 108 crores, Mulayam’s assets grewn upto 9 folds in the span of two elections and even new Rakhi Sawant has  earned a lot of money. But, we just talk and can’t do anything better than this. Two-three months before election, all leaders and political forces talk about curbing the menace of corruption and development. But as election gears up, entire politics changes again and nobody talks about development and corruption. Some talk about Pink Revolution, others try to woo the Muslim vote bank, there are still others who are talking about chopping off other leaders into pieces, while another threatens to wait until the election results. Indian elections are at their very best.

Each political party talks about non-communal politics and puts in best effort to make it more communal just before the elections. Also, few months back Delhi assembly elections became the talking point. Fed up with traditional politics, Aam Aadmi chose a new option, but didn’t give it the full throttle. Anyhow, Delhi got a government. It seemed that clean and honest politics isn’t impossible. Things can change for the better, through changed politicians who will address the issues. But, now, we see our dream shattering again. This election may look like a different ball game, but if seen from behind the veil, everything is same. Same caste based politics, tainted candidates and allegation games. New players are like old ones who turn shrewder.

We may have dreamt of our politics to be pure but its like T-20, not test matches. They use power, money and can do anything to win. On one hand, we dream of becoming a world power, but we are far from this. Election is the most awaited show of a country, so Voters are the hero of the game, but it is just an illusion. Voters are rather just like cards and master of the game is the one who shows himself as the joker. He is the real player. But, let’s hope for the best. We may get something surprising out of this election. You never know. Until then, don’t think about assets of our leaders, just play a fun game with them. Game on!

By Tyler Smith

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Image Source: Lok Sabha Elections 2014

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