As parties compete with each other for the best turn-out in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, we need to keep in mind that these are the same parties that have been disappointing us year after year. Is it time to give a new party like AAP a fair chance?

Nowadays, we are seeing  plenty of action in all the political parties, whether regional or national in the wake of coming Lok Sabha polls.  All kinds of accusations and counter accusations are being leveled against each other.  The coming LS poll is going to be historical as was the last Delhi poll.  Last Delhi elections were historical because of record-breaking voter turnout.  People turned up for voting in such a large number primarily with hopes of changing decades old rotten political system and to root out corruption.
india 300x300 Elections Yet AgainIn other state assembly elections also, there was clear mandate against Congress and only alternative was BJP but  a good percentage also used NOTA (none of the above) option.  In Delhi, people had an alternative to BJP, so a significant number of people voted for AAP.  Ever since, BJP is nervous and has been indulging in all kinds of dirty politics and is ready to fall down to any level to somehow grab the power.  To pollute voter’s mind, a fabricated/artifical Narendra Modi wave has been created with the help of paid media and spending crores and crores of undisclosed money in massive rallies.

We need to be very wise while casting votes this time.  My humble request to my fellow citizens is to please keep in mind the plight of have-nots (masses) .  Kindly bear in mind the plight of the poor for the last more than six decades under Congress/BJP/other parties’ rules in different states.  Poor has become poorer and rich has become richer.  Poor people keep on dying on roads in cold or in severe heat conditions year after year.  Although AAP is a new kid on the block, but it should be given a fair chance by the people with clear majority as we have given a number of chances to all other parties and situation is the same for the masses, so please be judicious while casting your vote in the coming polls.

By Sunil Kr. Sehgal

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