The art of embroidery is nothing but a skillful weave practiced since ages. Multi-colored patterns embroidered articles are visually very appealing.

INTRODUCTION-  Embroidery has been part of every civilization the world over. India is no exception, every household has little bit of this tradition. Based on geographical considerations, every area has some specialties. Marwari is name given to inhabitants of Jodhpur & Bikaner divisions of NW Rajasthan, this area is mostly  having desertic or semi-desertic climate. Since ages rain-fed agriculture was the main occupation of people of this region. Due to frequent drought conditions, people developed alternative sources of livelihood. Preparing wool  from Goat, camel  hairs is one of them, after spinning hairs are woven into rugs, durries, blankets. Women frequently contribute in this work. Other than weaving embroidery also developed as alternate occupation.  Embroidery is of two types.


I category.

In this category , embroidery is on different clothes. The specialty of Marwari  embroidery is its glass work artistry. It is general impression in society that glass work is specialty of  Kutch Bhuj area of Gujarat. It is not so, glass work embroidery is also common in  2 border districts of western Rajasthan viz. Barmer and Jaisalmer. Articles of interior decorations are generally prepared. Some pictures.

intricate embroidery EMBROIDERY MARWARI STYLE

embroidered articles EMBROIDERY MARWARI STYLE

II category

In this category embroidery is on leather  articles like male female shoes known as JOOTIS or MOJADIS, ladies purse, other footwear.  The main feature is innovative  geometric patterns and beautiful combination of colours. Some pictures.


embroidery on jooti EMBROIDERY MARWARI STYLE


By Rakesh Goswami

Images are author’s self-contribution

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