Should out emotions get the better of us? Or should we always think based on logic?

Emotions are an integral part of our life.  Emotions have nothing to do with logic. When we want to initiate a relationship with anyone in our surroundings then we turn logical to choose the individuals to line up our boat of ‘Emotions’. We unintentionally set dual standards of life  yet don’t realize it. Emotional Triangle Emotions Versus Logic


We all have some pre-set fundas of judging humans based on our assumption, whether those assumptions are right or wrong we never bothered. I believe every individual has a different philosophy of life that is totally right, in fact, it is s/he who made for themselves to live in their own comfortable style. There are no pre-set standards like common ‘philosophy of life’ applicable for everyone. Let’s try to understand why it can’t be the same standard for everyone.


We are different from each other; genetically, difference in upbringing, languages, culture, experiences, desires, dreams, capabilities, limitations, perceptions. There are other so many factors which set different criteria of life and standards for everyone. Even two twins are not identical by thoughts because their experience/desires are different from each other.  Everyone has the right to set up his own life’s philosophy and live accordingly, there is no right or wrong. My lIfe Emotions Versus Logic


We do judge people based on their traits, the way they define themselves which reflects their philosophy and maturity to handle situations. Sometimes we fail to judge properly as a human tendency/error and on the basis of our judgment we decide to carry/not to pursue a relationship with that an individual (logic falls with emotions). If we expect that we’ll choose our partner/friends whom we know in-depth then we are wrong. No one can claim to know any person. In fact, we don’t know ourselves. Life is a never ending learning process, then how can we expect such understanding from others. Humans are not like gadgets or mathematics; which has one standard meaning. Life is a Gamble Emotions Versus Logic


Life is itself a big gamble and a big surprise, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow though we plan, anticipate, set precaution, but still cannot predict the depth of nature. Still we enjoy the surprises of life, and we do learn to adopt/adapt new things and change ourselves with  time. It’s our hope and our dreams which keep us going. In the journey of life we come across very diverse people, with some we don’t feel comfortable to live so we choose separation, •    Are our family members genuine all the time? Don’t they hurt us? But does it mean that we shall leave them and forget them? Then what makes us connect with them? Why don’t we break contact with them as we do with others? Family Fight Emotions Versus Logic •    It’s our love, which keep us connected emotionally, to be with them when they need us and vice versa. So the question is how does that love exist when emotions are based on judgment and on logic? Probably we happen to live together which lead us into ‘Our silent commitment’, that we will be together & will stand by each other whenever we need each other which strengthening our understanding & we get adjust with them. We compromise, at times we sacrifice which we do by wish, not by force.


When we accept life with surprises then why we want people around us like a gadget. Always predictable. The question is that why we have a judgmental attitude for people around us, as such we don’t do to our family members. We accept them as they are, then why we have set standards for others. Because; for the family we follow ‘Emotions’ and for others we follow ‘Logic’. The moment we will realize this essence we will stop calculating so much. Either it will be emotions or logic both can’t be together. logic emotion Emotions Versus Logic Certain life aspects are common for everyone which open up ways of “Philosophies for philosophers”, which lead to the path of predictability about human on certain traits. But we forget that mindset play a very vital role to perceive the things and to draw up conclusion for different course of actions, which one individual follows from time to time & again it does vary on circumstances which can be simplified with word ‘Expectations’. Life has lots of hidden things which we need to explore including human mind and its complexity. Relations has something beyond logic & reasons, so just treasure it. 

By Rajkumari Nagpal

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