Rahul Gandhi’s word of the year seems to be ’empowerment’; what does this empowerment of people actually entail?

What a meaningless, hollow claim by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi when he says, “People are empowered only under UPA Rule.

People are empowered? For what? And how does their empowering help them? Rahul Gandhi has learned this one word “empowerment” from somebody and every time he keeps repeating it in the media. Women Empowerment. People Empowerment. I am really confused now with this empowerment business. Is he trying to tell me…”You are empowered now by UPA, so don’t talk about UPA’s corrupt governance?”

And what can people really do with UPA’s empowerment? Will he explain?

Can the empowered people do anything when onions are selling for 100 Rs. per Kg? When Tomatoes are selling for 100 Rs. per Kg? Sugar for 70 Rs. per Kg? Milk for 70 Rs. per Litre? And cooking gas for 1000 Rs a cylinder? Whose job is that? Isn’t the government suppose to control prices? What is your Agriculture Minister doing? Is he not responsible for high prices? If he says, he is not, then let him do something else but not be in the ministry. Can empowered people do anything about power and water, if the basic needs are not available 24 X 7 X 365 days? Who is suppose to supply power and water? Is it a job to be accomplished by ordinary people? So called empowered by UPA? Can empowered people do anything when the roads are bad? When health facilities are pathetic? Whose responsibility is it to provide good roads, well equipped health facilities, good schools?

Could empowered people have done anything when 11 terrorists attacked Mumbai on 26/11? It was a job of Home Ministry which was not alert; it was sleeping on the intelligence inputs and was not even equipped to deal with the terror strike professionally. Can empowered people by UPA have dealt with the terror strike? We witnessed 72 hours of war with the terrorists when the government elected was empowered fully to deal with the terror attack but failed to save its people. Did empowerment of people under UPA as you claim make any sense? Could empowered people have done anything when soldiers were beheaded on borders? When China grabbed Indian land? Can people do anything when rapes are taking place every day in the country and women are not safe? With your empowerment under UPA, are youngsters getting jobs? Who is suppose to provide safety and security to people? Is it not government responsibility?

Could empowered people stop Rupee tumbling against Dollar? Could empowered people boost exports? Is it not a job of elected government? Is it not a job of Finance Ministry? Why do we elect governments? How can empowered people by UPA do anything when the country faces crisis because of mismanaged and corrupt governance? Could empowered people stop CWG scam? 2G Scam? Adarsh scam? Rail Scam? Irrigation and Power Scam? Coalgate Scam? Augusta Westland Helicopter Scam? Could empowered people have stopped Bleeding Maharaja of Air India? How does empowerment of People STOP the loot of the country by your Ministers? How can empowered common people stop all this corruption by your Congress party? Are YOU not changing the Goal Post to save your skin?

All the above tasks were a full responsibility of the elected government in power; not of the people. Your government was in power for 10 years. But your UPA governance was corrupt, involved in the loot of resources of this country and cared a damn for the above issues and that is why this pathetic state of affairs exists in the country.

What empowerment of people Rahul Gandhi is talking about? Instead of owning accountability for non performance and not delivering on commitments by his Congress party, is he not again misleading the people for their votes? It is all a bogus talk. These are hollow and meaningless words for people today. Congress can not fool people with this smart selling and especially not Rahul Gandhi who has been enjoying powers in the government for last 10 years. Yes, it is the Constitution of this country which has “EMPOWERED” the people to VOTE and elect the government or to reject it if found dishonest, on commitments and delivery. Are You asking to vote for Congress because it empowered people ? Don’t appeal to voters dishonestly. We have decided to elect honest people who are committed to Good governance, Development and non corrupt administration.

We have decided to vote for Narendra Modi, “The Chaywallah” who we know will again sell TEA but not his country.

By Ajay Angre

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