Emraan Hashmi, reel-life actor will play a real-life Indian cricketer, Azharuddin’s role in the film ‘Azhar’. Azhar will reveal the ins and outs of Azharuddin.

Emraan Hashmi, better known as serial kisser of Bollywood, is now all set to cast a cricket oriented film on Mohammad Azharuddin. Azharuddin, cricketer-turned-politician will soon be seen on screen, not he himself, but disguised as Emraan.

‘Azhar’, the fim on Azharuddin

images 21 From Serial Kisser to Cricketer

The right handed batsman, Azharuddin, who was bestowed with Arjuna Award in 1986 will eternally breathe in the pages of cricket History. However, 2000 match-fixing scandal will always remain as an ineffaceable blemish of his life, which also imposed a ban on him, but was lifted in 2012. Everything, from on-field to off-field life of his, will be depicted in the film directed by Tony D’Souza and produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and MSM Motion Picture. Be it about his bigamy or on-field-collars-up secret, ‘Azhar’ will straighten out every single attribute of Azharuddin’s life. Generous to scandalous and cricketer to politician, this is what Azharuddin is all about, likewise, his biopic.

Can Azhar rekindle the doomed personality of Azharuddin?

“I don’t have many fans left,” Azhar pointed out when a journalist present at the event admitted to being a great fan of his. “Whenever I go out, people don’t ask me about my batting but always say Azhar sahab aap bahut ache fielder the. But I remind them that I used to bat decently too,” he said.

Let’s hope this ballpark 2 hours movie to reveal the best façade of Azharuddin and revive his true essence in the lives of public.

It takes one second to kiss but months to cricket

Emraan Hashmi set his foot in Bollywood to defame, nay, fame himself as a serial killer. From serial kisser (Murder) to bookie (Jannat); police officer (Murder 2 & Ungli) to government officer ( Mr. X); 2016 is the tentative year to unfold a novel face of Emraan as a cricketer.”There were lot of challenges. One of them was that Azhar’s style of playing cricket was very unconventional, and I had no footwork on that. So Azhar-bhai started training me for cricket. Then I realised that I have a lot to learn in cricket,” said the actor, Emraan Hashmi.

Why a kisser to be made batter?

“Emraan is very apt for the role. He has worked very hard. A lot of people asked me ‘Why is Emraan doing my role in the film?’ But Emraan is my favorite,” Azharuddin said here at the launch of the teaser of the film.”I have watched almost all his films, and I think he is apt for the role. After this film, he will be called Azhar most of the time,” he added.

Need I say more to reflect upon kisser-to-batter metamorphosis of Emraan?

emt azhar 1 From Serial Kisser to Cricketer

‘Azhar’ is scheduled to be on screens on May13, 2016.

By Prerna

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