Can celebrities realize how brainlessly and money-mindedly they have been endorsing idiotic commercial products and misleading common men?

Our government has decided to come out with a regulation for companies misguiding the mango men of the country with empty promises through advertisements.

The regulation also makes the brand ambassador guilty in case of any wrong promise made by the brand.

The advertisement industry has opposed the move of government calling it unfair.

According to the detractors of the move, the onus is on consumer not advertisers.

To an extent, they have a point.

We all know deodorants will not get us, girls. Fairness creams will not make us fairer. The kids will never get brains by consuming food supplements suggested by brands and soft drinks don’t make us any cooler than we are.

Then why the hell are we so naïve to believe them?

Is it the influence of Idiot box in our lives? Or they wish to be like our heroes by following everything they do?

None of the companies promising moon will counter the argument, idiot box has actually made us bigger idiots than idiot box. We are so influenced by TVs.

I am personally in favour of celebrities applying a mind of their own before endorsing a brand.

They are hero-worshipped in the country. The mortal gods of the country cannot misguide their disciples into using a dubious product.

Moving ahead. Here is my list of endorsements celebrities need to avoid:

  1. Tobacco and Alcohol products:

Do you have any idea on the number of deaths consumption of tobacco leads to every year? The number stands at 6 million (roughly). (read this)

ajay devgan pan masla Endorsements,Celebrities and The Mango Men

The government has specifically banned direct ads of tobacco and alcohol. Unfortunately, we live in a country of jugaad. The brands have found a way around the government’s directions (full of loops holes) by launching unrelated-unbanned products under the same umbrellas.

Now we have a tobacco company selling perfumed elaichi (cardamom). An alcohol company which ran the defunct airlines, Kingfisher Airlines promoting “Kigfisher” brand as a leading sponsor of IPL.

The celebrities promoting them include Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar (a teetotaler, who happens to be a fitness enthusiast), Ajay dewgan (endorsing both liquor and consumable tobacco product’s brands) to name a few.

Money or ignorance? The reason to opt for the brand names is yet unknown.

I hope all celebrities ban the tobacco and liquor brands.

  1. Deodorants:

Deodorants can help us get the sexist of women by subsiding the “smell” from our body party.

At least, this is what the new ads claim.

And how do they do this magical wonder? Do they take away the smell from the smell-iest pits on the human race walking the mother earth or do they give every single deodorant male user the magnetic power to pull females towards them?

The sexist ads depicting women as naïve creatures attracted to deodorant infected men should be stopped immediately.

Or government needs to come with a regulation to

spice up the promotion by gifting free condoms along with deodorants.

The whole process of attraction -> consumption can be completed in a single go.

The ads can read “Get attracted and get laid safely”. Ta-da!

  1. Property Builders:

Dhoni, the Indian team captain recently decided to part ways with a renowned builder in Noida, Amrapali Group.

The parting happened after the distressed residents of Amrapali Sapphire society trolled him on twitter.

The trolling led to Dhoni getting undue bad publicity for endorsing a brand which by market standards has thousands of unhappy residents residing in many of its unfinished societies.

dhoni amrapali  Endorsements,Celebrities and The Mango Men

I think Amrapali got into the limelight because of their DHONI association. Otherwise, the list of builders, who have harassed the consumers is endless.

No wonder, they are willing to give free car, ac, parking, etc, etc with flats today.

The builders have unsold inventory in thousands. Most of them are reeling under huge loans from banks and private investors.

I would call it karmas.

They killed the great middle-class dream of owning a flat in the super expensive real estate market in metro cities.

The middle class has matured now and is giving it back to them by not buying from them.

  1. Fairness creams:

When the fairest actress in Bollywood and a not so fair actor (a superstar) in Bollywood endorse a fairness cream, you cannot help but wonder, what makes them so foolish.

Are they telling us “Being unfair is unattractive”?

What happened to the original Indian Dusky beauty?

When the actress endorses the fairness brand, I can understand her situation. She is new in the industry.

She has had a series of flops to her name and desperately needs anything to keep the cash flowing in.

What about the superstar Shahrukh Khan?

big story SRK Endorsements,Celebrities and The Mango Men

He is someone who has an opinion on every single topic in the country. Can he speak on why he endorses the “fairness cream” brands?

Does he have a complex with his not so fair complexion?

Has he forgotten, the country had accepted him for his skills, not colour?

He literally applied layers of powder to make himself fair and “lovely”(pun intended) in the misleading ad.

Recently, a fairness cream company was heavily fined for making false promises.

It’s time our brand ambassadors put an end to the absurdity of the fairness creams.

  1. Soft drinks and sugar coated Drinks:

One can of coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar. This is the daily intake you are allowed in a day (source :click here). You can add the numbers and calculate the amount of sugar you consume with the soft drinks daily.

The soft drinks are nothing but a lot of fizzes mixed with a lot of sugar.

For a country with a huge diabetic population, soft drinks are suicidal.

I hope our brand ambassadors do some reading.

Pepsi Ranbir Kapoor Priyanka Chopra Commercial Endorsements,Celebrities and The Mango Men

They are the super stars who are followed blindly, madly, religiously by millions of followers in the country.

It’s time they do not mislead their followers.

Quoting Ben Parker from Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibilities”. (I am a sly Spiderman fan who does not do the Spiderman tricks knowing the consequences) 

 By The Mango Man at indiaopines blog
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