Mohit Raina in Ashoka Serial – The first impression!

When Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial started last year, there was a lot of buzz. No wonder, a historical series was about to come on Colors TV. The production house and the channel both concentrated on the serial and they gave an amazing 1 hour with the serial. Everything about the serial was fantastic – the set, the story, the costumes, the plot and even the twists.

Besides, we simply loved Siddharth Nigam who was introduced as the kid Ashoka in the serial. However, the same cannot be said about the entry of Mohit Raina who was introduced yesterday as the elder Ashoka.

mohit raina as ashoka All About the Entry of Mohit Raina in Ashoka Serial!

The Introduction of Mohit Raina as Ashoka was Rather Very Disappointing

Comparisons are ought to happen and if we compare the introduction of Siddharth Nigam with that of Mohit Raina, there is a lot of difference. While Siddharth as a young Ashoka was vibrant, energetic and had a lot of things to boast, the writers didn’t manage to keep the same enthusiasm in introducing the elder Ashoka.

mohit raina ashoka All About the Entry of Mohit Raina in Ashoka Serial!

Interestingly, the writers could have managed to do good job with Mohit Raina as he is now Chandashoka, giving them more angles to cover. However, much to our disappointment, the introduction of Mohit was rather very boring and disappointing. Plus, we didn’t even got to hear the patented background of Ashoka (One was used during the early days and the other was Ashoka Hai Asoka Hai).

It was very simple and effortless. The description of Chandashoka was given out by a third person and he was simply shown standing whereas Siddharth Nigam was introduced not by words but his actions. Each and everything was focused so brilliantly on Siddharth that within a few days he became everybody’s favorite. Besides, we know what a brilliant actor Siddharth is.

Being a Brilliant Actor, Mohit Raina Needs the Same Enthusiasm Shown by the Writers for Siddharth

Mohit Raina is a great actor and we know his acting abilities. However, he can only carry the legacy of Siddharth if the writers write his role as interesting as Siddharth’s. No wonder, they have disappointed the fans with a dull introductory episode of Mohit Raina.

mohit in ashoka serial All About the Entry of Mohit Raina in Ashoka Serial!

Also, Mohit has to face comparison which is another disadvantage to him. This s the reason why he has addressed the “comparison aspects” well in the start and has also assured that he will try to match the same pace as that of Siddharth Nigam.

However, more than Mohit, we think the writers have to concentrate on his character sketch as Ashoka. His fierceness, behavior, cruelty and his anger has to come out in the writing and then on his face. The success of Mohit as Ashoka is not only dependent on Mohit but also the writers, production house, and the channel.

We hope the team would focus with great care. No wonder, we do not want to miss the old charm and persona of Ashoka in Raina. What do you think?

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