Why Environment is not given any priority in India? Why no political party includes environment protection into their manifesto?

The damage made to the surroundings cannot be repaired so easily. The pollutants emanating from industries, cars, bikes create an inhospitable atmosphere all around. Recently Delhi, the capital has got bad distinction as one of the most polluted city in the world.

air pollution delhi Why Not Environment Is An Election Issue?

In spite of the major public transport has been converted to CNG and industries relocated outside the city, the pollution level is rising continuously. Reasons well known to everybody. Almost thirty thousand cars are added to Delhi roads every month. Lakhs of migrants enter city every year for jobs and shelter. Since revenue generation of the city administration is very less hence those who migrate for better prospects had to live in deplorable conditions devoid of basic amenities like water and electricity. The aftereffects of upsurge in the pollution is obviously not limited to the residents of Delhi but also for large no of tourists who come to this city, which is known for its historical structures and architectural beauty.

Delhi has always remained in the limelight since the ancient times. In Mahabharata it was the capital of Pandavas known by the name Indraprastha. Mughal rulers embellished it by making many monuments and other beautiful buildings. Kutub Minar, Lal quila are some of the grandeurs of beauty which attracts tourist from all over the world.

Now since the declaration of being the most polluted city I believe it will cast a dark spell over the image of Delhi as a tourist place. Due to large spread of Internet and social networking it is not impossible for the people to know about the harmful presence of pollutants. Successive govt. has not done anything to save Delhi by reducing pollution levels. All the safety measure which are in place right know like CNG buses are only due to Supreme Court interference. Even no political party put the environment protection into their manifesto.

pollution in delhi Why Not Environment Is An Election Issue?

However now the time has come for the political establishment to take step in the right direction and do what is good not only for the revenue generation but environmentally sustainable. Beauty of a place is defined by the happy and healthy face of people living there. Not only pollution is responsible for physical aliments but it is also a major contributor to stress related diseases. Pollution decreases oxygen levels in the atmosphere and when such kind of air is inhaled it reduces the ability of the mind to take decisions.

The Earlier we take some step the better it will be for the citizens of Delhi. Before this pollution wipes out the healthy atmosphere of our city, let us wipe it out from every nook and corner of Delhi. Let the Aam aadmi of Delhi live in a fresh air. Let him breathe, drink and eat a healthy diet.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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