By constantly stressing out about the consequences of a mistake we might make by chance, we have stopped doing new things; we have forgotten that to err is simply human.

“There are no mistakes. The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they’re necessary to reach the places we’ve chosen to go”. – Richard Bach

How many of us have the guts to make a mistake and then accept it? How many of us experience the trial and error method in our day to day life? With life gaining momentum day after day and the world changing at a rapid pace, we find it hard to be able to make mistakes.We are often advised by our so called well wishers to not commit the grave crime of making a simple mistake of decision making. Each and everyday we ought to take some diligent decisions; it may be of our own will or under someone else’s influence, but do we leave the space to commit a mistake by accident? The risk of loosing always hurts us. The sincere chance of making a mistake makes us crumble in and around our society. Does a mistake have so much significance to us? Or is it simply because we are more than happy living in our respective shells far from fear of making mistakes, or have what is also well known as Avoidant Personality Disorder? The anxiety of making mistakes is dying day by day where we are so busy being perfect in our respective domains. The guilt of the fair consequences always haunt us preventing from making mistakes and learning from them. We often cite examples of our neighbors, friends or colleagues who have committed mistakes and are overprotective of the very thought of the consequences faced by them without the risk of trying something new ourselves.

fear obstacle To Err is Human

What I personally feel is that in today’s fast paced, high adrenaline gushed world where we live on the edge, somewhere in midst of everything, we miss the fun of making mistakes hindered by our well informed brain of the consequences stored ahead for us. Often this phobia prevents us from understanding the basic theory of life i.e “to err is human” and that’s the differentiating factor between homo sapiens and animals. Human being has become more of a non erroneous machine with complex way of thought and high expectant precision. Committing small or even marginal mistakes is thought of as a grave crime not fitting to the “ultramodern “society. Be it mere negligence or a genuine error amidst otherwise diligent effort, it is considered a huge offence. We are afraid to take the hit upon us and why not? The so called modern civilization has taught us to do so. We follow what we learn and unlearn and then learn again. But while this process aggravates, we miss the point of learning through our own mistakes and live a life on other’s term. Those who dare to make mistakes by chance are considered a “freak of nature” with humanly form.

To end on a finer note, its good to make mistakes and learn from it because it brings out the best from within us when we introspect. The archive of thoughts and imaginations always doesn’t guide one to make the right judgement, but the fear of mistakes often put us in dilemma of doing something lest we commit the same.

By Rahul Praharaj

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