There is a reason why there has been an increase in applications for Ethical Hacking Courses.With illegitimate hacking on an alarming rise it has become important to hire Ethical Hackers for Data Security and Protection.

From school going kids to computer graduates, everybody wants to enroll into ethical hacking course in Delhi. Although there is a sudden spurt in the enrollments for ethical hacking, the motive of all those enrolled may or may not be ethical.Kids or the younger lots are joining the course to learn the ways of hacking email accounts, Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, much to their dismay, these things are not touched upon in the course. The more focused batch of people is joining the course to set themselves for International Certification courses that groom them for a variety of jobs in the network security orb. If you thought whether Delhi is the right place for preparing for such Certification, wait a minute. Didn’t the hacker Edward Snowden who shook the American Intelligence mechanism sharpen his skills in Delhi?

Edward Snowden Why Are Ethical Hacking Courses Mushrooming in Delhi?

Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor three years ago before turning whistle blower trained himself at an offshore Institute, Koenig Solutions in Karol Bagh, New Delhi in advanced ethical course which got him certified as an ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)

So, what is this course all about?

To hit a hacker, you need to think like one, isn’t it? This is a four day course that enables those enrolled on a similar aspect – to crack devise, secure and test/check networks to safeguard companies from all the possible dangers that cracker and hacker pose.  This fast track course is designed to guide security professionals in advanced techniques and tools essential to perform. While the course is for professionals wherein they learn how to hack wireless networks and create attacks, there are various basic courses like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) where you can learn the art from scratch.

How does a Certified ethical hacker help a company?

A course related to ethical hacking basically teaches pupils to find dodges in a programme or network, by means of methods similar to that of hacking. A certified ethical hacker helps the firm by breaking into exactly the same system which he is trying to protect, establish vulnerable routes through which an illicit hacker might enter the system and report it to whomsoever it may concern. The major and only dissimilarity, between ethical and illegitimate hacking is that ethical hacking is defensive on the other hand unethical is offensive.

Why has an Ethical Hacking Course become a fad or a career move in India?

Well, one of the key basis for the growing fame of ethical courses in and around Delhi or let’s say in India is the bigger and increased openings offered for all the certified ethical hackers. From small firms, corporate and even the government, everybody now knows the magnitude of an ethical hacker. In an era, where data is the most crucial source, it has become vital for companies to safeguard it against intrusions and unnecessary malicious attacks. Not just job opportunities even the compensation that a certified ethical course gets has seen a noteworthy leap. A rise of approximately 20 to 30 percent has been observed in last 5 years.

In the current age when the unlawful hackers have initiated various routes to smash into a firm’s secured data, having a certified ethical hacker has become a must for every company so that they not only secure and safeguard the network of their company but also protect their websites and web applications. Thus, giving an air to the course in full swing all across Delhi and India as a whole.

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